Star Hill


I have had this blog set up for two years, but never had the courage to actually put myself out there and post. What a chicken I am. We are really at a new fork in our road. Both of my wonderful children have found someone that they love and weddings are planned. My sweet baby boy will be marrying in two weeks! It has been fun watching and helping as they build their nest. My phone calls to our daughter now include talks of wedding plans, colors, and ideas. I am loving it all! My posts will be all about the projects we will be doing at Star Hill, our near the lake cabin and a few projects we have planned for the kids at their homes. We are always trying something new, and most of those activities actually work!

2 thoughts on “Finally”

  1. I'm so proud that you're blogging & am even more proud that you're putting your artistic talent on display where it belongs. I love you!

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