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Giving Birth to a New Home


I am so blessed that Sweet Amanda and Baby Boy have an eclectic vibe and are willing to let me participate in finding their furniture and crafting. 

Here are some of our finds after we helped them to become amazing.  I did not start this process taking pictures of the stuff before we worked on them so I will have to tell you about them.

I LOVE Pinterest!  I saw the idea to put a letter on glass and leave the back out of the frame.  What could be better than Baby Boy and Sweet Amanda’s initials?  This gave me a chance to practice the glazing on the furniture I have posted below.

No this picture is not upside down.  Hubby figured out a way to spray it from both angles so that nothing was missed.  Sweet Amanda picked out the color (Rapids) for the furniture from the Valspar Paint Color Ipad app.  That app is like having all the paint chips in the store on the Ipad.  We found the furniture on Craigslist for $150.00. The set includes a headboard, chest, dresser, and mirror.  I will post them set up in the love birds’ nest next week.

Everything had to be sprayed with bonding primer, then two coats of paint then Valspar Glaze.

Close up of glazing.  I was proud of my first effort. Just need to add the hardware back on and get it moved without tearing it up.

The primer and paint had it rough.  Using a sprayer does take more paint than brushing but the results are so much better that it is worth every bit it takes.  Hubby is an expert furniture painter. After finishing the paint layers and glaze he sprayed on a coat of polyacrylic. Everything had to be moved into the house because it is so humid here.  The wedding is in less than two weeks… we are really under the gun to get it done. We ended up going with Olympic One Coat for durability with a color that matched the Valspar one.

The house is overflowing with furniture.  I LOVE having the opportunity to do this for the love birds.

Here is the rescued table and the resale lamp we have for their living room.  This is the “ugly” lamp that the resale guy gave me basically because he was so happy to see it go.  Sputnik era with a drum shade and walnut base.  Just needed love, steel wool, elbow grease and polyacrylic.

The lamp looks perfect on a table that my mom was going to sell in a garage sale before I snatched it.  It is going to look great with the vintage couch.

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