Finished Product- The Glazed Furniture

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Today Hubby and the soon-to-be-newly -weds got the furniture safely moved in to the apartment. I arrived in time to see the final results. We are pretty proud of our efforts.

Sometimes Hoarding Pays Off- Empty Frame Art

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Sweet Amanda did one thing in the last two homes she lived in… she painted her kitchen walls purple.  By purple I mean dark eggplant colored purple. Baby Boy even helped with the painting but I think that secretly he is a little thrilled that the apartment they are living in cannot be painted. Even though Baby Boy may not be thrilled with purple, I am.  It is my favorite! I wanted Amanda to have her beloved purple in the kitchen area.  I turned to Pinterest for inspiration. 
Here is what I found:
Empty frames on walls

and I found this:
More frames on the wall.

I remembered that over the years I had accumulated a lot of frames. I just can’t seem to throw out an old frame.  I even pick up frames that I love when out garage sale shopping … even if I have no idea what to do with them.  They have stacked up in the garage.  Hubby refers to my stuff as my hoarding and he may be right, but at least I keep it out in the garage.

Sweet Amanda and I sorte through the frames and this is what we came up with:

We will add as we find more.
We drug those nasty frames from the hoard into the house and removed the glass, backing and everything that wasn’t frame.  Hubby and Baby Boy even helped but they didn’t know what we were up to.
The frames don’t look to bad. We will post the progress. This project will be totally free and will let Sweet Amanda have some purple in her kitchen.

Giving Birth to a New Home

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I am so blessed that Sweet Amanda and Baby Boy have an eclectic vibe and are willing to let me participate in finding their furniture and crafting. 

Here are some of our finds after we helped them to become amazing.  I did not start this process taking pictures of the stuff before we worked on them so I will have to tell you about them.

I LOVE Pinterest!  I saw the idea to put a letter on glass and leave the back out of the frame.  What could be better than Baby Boy and Sweet Amanda’s initials?  This gave me a chance to practice the glazing on the furniture I have posted below.

No this picture is not upside down.  Hubby figured out a way to spray it from both angles so that nothing was missed.  Sweet Amanda picked out the color (Rapids) for the furniture from the Valspar Paint Color Ipad app.  That app is like having all the paint chips in the store on the Ipad.  We found the furniture on Craigslist for $150.00. The set includes a headboard, chest, dresser, and mirror.  I will post them set up in the love birds’ nest next week.

Everything had to be sprayed with bonding primer, then two coats of paint then Valspar Glaze.

Close up of glazing.  I was proud of my first effort. Just need to add the hardware back on and get it moved without tearing it up.

The primer and paint had it rough.  Using a sprayer does take more paint than brushing but the results are so much better that it is worth every bit it takes.  Hubby is an expert furniture painter. After finishing the paint layers and glaze he sprayed on a coat of polyacrylic. Everything had to be moved into the house because it is so humid here.  The wedding is in less than two weeks… we are really under the gun to get it done. We ended up going with Olympic One Coat for durability with a color that matched the Valspar one.

The house is overflowing with furniture.  I LOVE having the opportunity to do this for the love birds.

Here is the rescued table and the resale lamp we have for their living room.  This is the “ugly” lamp that the resale guy gave me basically because he was so happy to see it go.  Sputnik era with a drum shade and walnut base.  Just needed love, steel wool, elbow grease and polyacrylic.

The lamp looks perfect on a table that my mom was going to sell in a garage sale before I snatched it.  It is going to look great with the vintage couch.

Say What?: You Don’t Have to Sit on an Empty Nest!

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Say What?: You Don’t Have to Sit on an Empty Nest!

Making a Farmhouse Table on the Cheap


We were off this past week for the holiday. Nothing says holiday to us more than a few extra days at Star Hill. No Internet, watching the birds, squirrels, deer and listening to the sounds of nature. Loved it.
Because baby boy is getting married in two weeks to Sweet Amanda we spent a little time at resale shops looking for essentials like lamps that are needed for their new apartment. We also went into Huntsville and shopped at several antique shops. We decided that the difference between a resale shop and an antique shop is often only the price. I will have to post some pictures of the awesome mid-century lamp I bought. The nice man at the resale shop did want me to know that he had some pretty lamps I might want to look at. 🙂 Hubby and I got the lamp and two huge framed mirrors (project parts) for $25.00.

Our main project this week was to make a farmhouse table. I did tell you that my kids are both getting married right? All our current projects are going to have to be CHEAP. Hubby found a table a while back at Goodwill. It was a cracked tile topped forest green beauty, but the frame was solid and it came with two chairs that will be living at the newlywed apartment.

I have wanted a farmhouse table for our eat in kitchen ever since we went to Round Top, Texas last year but Wow! Those folks love their tables and price them accordingly. We changed out the siding on Star Hill this past year because the cedar was rotting but I could not bear to part with the wood. We kept everything that was good and you will be seeing it in many projects that I plan on posting. I knew that the top of the table could be from that reclaimed wood. Hubby has one rule when it comes to building; an elephant has to be able to dance on anything that he makes. He reinforced all four legs, then put a sheet of 1/2″ plywood on top. The reclaimed wood went on top of the plywood. We decided to make the table as long as the reclaimed boards would allow and 42″ wide. It ended up being 72″ long.

Lots of glue on each sanded plank, then we used an air nailer.

We don’t have any fancy stuff for building- yet- so we did have to top nail the boards. Hubby wants a biscuit joiner and a plainer but.. right now we do what we can with what we have. We were lucky that the weather was really pretty nice this past week. The Garagemahal tends to be a little warm in the summer.

We forgot the pipe clamps at home so clamping was a pain. We used just about everything we had. The reclaimed wood is old- about 45 years- and hung on the house exposed to the weather all those years so it is a little warped. We made a set of “sort of pipe clamps” with two by fours and ratchets when we got finished but it was too ugly to take a picture of. Use pipe clamps to clamp all the pieces together across the table boards.

The next step is sanding. Again. All the boards were sanded before we cut them to length but once they were on the plywood we needed them to be smooth. I am still scared of the belt sander, but I have learned to use it. I love the little sander, it just doesn’t take off enough wood when starting out.

After Hubby said the wood was smooth enough, I started sealing the wood. I love this polyurethane!

It is amazing the difference the poly makes.

I am so proud of the finished top. Hubby did a great job with the mitered corners!

farmhouse table

The total cost for the project was less than $100 for this stunner.



I have had this blog set up for two years, but never had the courage to actually put myself out there and post. What a chicken I am. We are really at a new fork in our road. Both of my wonderful children have found someone that they love and weddings are planned. My sweet baby boy will be marrying in two weeks! It has been fun watching and helping as they build their nest. My phone calls to our daughter now include talks of wedding plans, colors, and ideas. I am loving it all! My posts will be all about the projects we will be doing at Star Hill, our near the lake cabin and a few projects we have planned for the kids at their homes. We are always trying something new, and most of those activities actually work!

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