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What’s in a Name?

Baby Boy thinks everything should be named.  He named his truck the Puma… not sure why.  Sweet Amanda’s car is called Fancy Lady.  The house he lived in during college was the Bella Fonte.  He is the one that thought Star Hill needed a name.  The name was easy.  All of our property is locted on the side of a large hill.  The house is at ground level on the left side and is actually over six feet off the ground at the right side.  When we bought the house a large star was on the living room wall.  I loved the look and commented that I wanted one when we moved in.  My social planner, Tanis, and I looked for just the right star once we moved in.  It proudly hangs in our front room.  I guess I told my friends about our adventures looking for the star because I got several star themed items as house- warming gifts.  They have multiplied over the years.  The name Star Hill just seemed to fit. 

The Garagemahal is another story.  When Hubby first started talking about building a garage I did not ask as many questions as I should have.  When the concrete was actually poured and the walls went up I realized the garage was going to be as big as our lake house!  It was plumbed for a bathroom and have a kitchen area.  Basically the garage is a second house up the hill with a large hole in the front.  It was named immediatly by me.

According to the historic marker outside the courthouse Coldspring was once named Coonskin.  Wow am I glad someone took care of that name long ago. 

One thing I have noticed up in the country is that some names of places are just funny.  Near our house is a bridge that crosses Critter Creek.

 I can just imagine to state sign makers shaking their heads when they made that sign.

 A community near Coldspring is named Punkin.  Yep, P-u-n-k-i-n. 

The state sign makers just couldn’g go with that one.  Their community sign clearly has Pumpkin written on it. 

I counted on the area map the other day and there are 14 roads, streets, circles, and trails named Lakview on our side of the lake alone.  Some roads up in the country may have two or three names, depending on who you are talking to and how long they have lived in the area.  Our street name is apparently wrong on GPS.  We always get calls from our friends who are following their GPS to our house.  It seems that name confusion is pretty common in our neck of the woods.  When people tell you where they live they often give you directions like turn right when you see the yellow house… Because of the name confusion the county does not rely on street names, everything from the mail carriers to the volunteer fire department to 911 rely on a three digit number that has to be posted outside of the home.  We have our number out on the fence so that emergency responders can find us.  Now if GPS could find us too.  The joy of living in the country.

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