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Craft Corner Nightmare


Before we begin this little tale I need to let everyone know that I had a REALLY long week and I have a super stressful week that I am nervous about.

Last weekend I found  a 1950’s corner desk that I will be turning into a craft corner in the Garagemahal. It was no beauty, but it has good bones.  It is solid and all wood. Better yet, it was $15.00.

 It came home with a pile of other treasures.
 A lime green with purple and blue dotted beauty. For sure it was white and red before being green.
It is a great corner shape!

 I planned on setting up in the back corner of the garage but Hubby has generously given up a prime front corner space.  Hubby left on Thursday this last week for Star Hill because he was off.  When I arrived late Friday night, he had the corner cleared out and my table was sitting in the space.  I was so happy.  I went to bed  that night thinking that tomorrow I would be able to get it knocked out and would be using it as soon as the weather cools to paint.  Yeah!  The problem with having such big plans is that they can sometimes go horribly wrong.
Saturday morning early I got up and got out the desk to start painting.  I am going to paint it a weathered red color called silk lining, but I am getting ahead of myself.
It was already hot at 7:00 A.M. (88 degrees) Saturday but I knew it would only get hotter so I got busy.  I started sanding the top of the desk to prepare it for paint and I immediately knew we had a problem.  The paint did not sand off, it peeled up, curled up and in general made a mess.  Hubby who is a prince of a man 99.9 % of the time suggested that I was sanding wrong and heating the spot up too much.  I was not.  I told him so too.  LOUDLY.  He checked the desk and agreed with me (smart man).  His pronouncement was that the person who painted the lime green painted the latex lime green over a red oil based paint.  FYI, that is a big NO NO.  Never paint latex over anything you are not sure of.  If you are not sure, paint with oil or prime it.  At this point I have to tell you that the meltdown began to simmer.  Hubby said we did not have the stripper needed or a ton of stuff he needed for the mudroom piece, so we needed to go into town.  My rough week, along with the heat and not enough sleep along with  the unexpected trip into town did me no good.  Going into town meant that at best we were going to lose an hour, but usually it is more like 3 because we run all the errands at one time while in town.  This time of the year is particularly tricky. Town for us is Huntsville, Texas.  Home of Sam Houston State University- our Alma matter.  When we attended SHSU it was a mid sized college in a quaint town.  Today it is a college of 25,000 students that is still located in a quaint town that we love.  This time of the year we avoid going to Home Depot, Walmart, Target or the grocery stores in Huntsville.  We love the students who come into town, they are great.  The stressed out parents trying to make sure that their baby has everything they need before they pull out of town is another story. We got back to Star Hill at noon.  I really wanted to get something done but the stripper said not to use above 85 degrees.  GRRR. I fumed.  It was now 100 degrees outside.  I did some  school work that was needed but my mind was really on getting the craft table done.  Finally at 5:00 I went out and got started.  It was still 95 degrees.

 I painted the stuff on in one direction as directed, I waited the 15 minutes as required.  It was gross. Only about half the paint came up and even with gloves  I got some of the stripper on a finger and it burned.  At this point the nuclear meltdown began.  I cried.  I threw away my brush.  I left everything sitting in the middle of the garage and walked out. 

Not my proudest moment. 

My sweet Hubby came in to the house, didn’t say a word but cooked me a delicious supper of grilled chicken, grilled squash, grilled corn, and salad.  He even had a watermelon from the farmer’s market chilling in the garage fridge for dessert.   All that grilling meant he was outside in the heat but the house stayed cooler inside.  I do love him.

This morning when I went out to the Garagemahal, he had already put on another coat of the goo and scraped it off he was sanding it for me and had cleaned up the mess.  I did not get a picture of the cleaned desk but will certainly keep you updated on the progress. 
 I hope you have a great week.  I have a few projects we did get done this week that you will be seeing.

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