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Art from an Old Door Knob

Several years ago at the Livingston Trade Days I bought this for my kitchen. 

I loved the color, the texture and how unique the piece was.  It was made from a repurposed cabinet door, some moulding and a ceramic pull. It was painted a great blue color and had been glazed over the top. 

My social planner, Tanis, liked it too but she didn’t buy one, she wanted hers to be a little different.  She found the perfect piece to put in the center of her cabinet door art; an old doorknob and lock mechanism at one of our favorite resale shops for a couple of dollars.  I kicked myself for not buying one too because the next time we went in they were all gone.

This is one side of the lock.

 Here is the other side of th same lock. 
I had some old cabinet doors from when we gutted our kitchen to serve as the base.  They were sitting in my hoard just waiting for a good use.
I picked out moulding on one of our recent trips to Home Depot.  I bought cheap moulding and paid for it because Hubby does not love to work with plastic moulding.  He splintered the thin stuff with the nail gun so it had to be glued on. 
When all the pieces got assembled it didn’t look half bad!

I added some decorative moulding to the center.  All together it is made from the trim that was on the cabinet, a skinny piece of square moulding, a wider piece of moulding and finally the more ornate moulding in the center.  Everything was nailed in place with the air nailer except the skinny stuff. If you can use a saw to cut a 45 degree angle you and a hammer you can make this.
I spackled the holes and corners because I wanted everything to look smooth.

The paint color was our first try at the rustic red Tanis wants.  I took her 8 different red samples to choose from and she chose a Martha Stewart color, silk lining.  We had it mixed in Behr prime and paint satin.  I am really loving that paint.  Because we wanted to make sure we really liked this color we only bought a quart.  If the color works she has several projects lined up down the road.  Tanis is about to be building a new forever home in Coldspring so I am super excited that I get to participate in the decorating a little.  Her taste is very rustic, almost western.  She is my number one resale, garage sale, and dumpster diving buddy. She has been collecting things she loves way longer than I have so her new home is going to be amazing.  This next week I plan on writing a blog about how she has decorated one of her lake house rooms around a collection of water jugs and picnic baskets.  I have to hurry before she gets everything packed up.

I loved how the paint came out.  I would definitely recommend this paint from Home Depot to anyone.  I am a convert. 

I glazed the whole thing with the same glaze I used on the 70’s mirrors.  It is amazing how different it looks on this than it did on the deep detail of the mirrors.

Hubby took the lock apart for me and I discovered that the lock came apart in two pieces, with a knob each.  Yeah me.  I think I may be able to convince my social planner to share!

Because this was the weekend of the nuclear meltdown, I did not get pictures of the lock in pieces or of the work that was done on the lock. 

Above is the finished product.  I hope that the social planner likes it.  I enjoyed putting it together.

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