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I Love a Finished Project- The Purple Frames

I have been telling you all about my wild idea to fill Sweet Amanda’s kitchen space with her favorite color, purple; empty frames.  Sweet Amanda I came up with the idea and sorted through the old frames I had in the garage.   The idea progressed from there.  We thought about her teapots that also deserved to be out on display.  One thing led to another until all the frames were painted.  The Purple Frames was part two of the journey.  Tonight Sweet Amanda and Baby Boy came over to see us… well really to drop off some vintage luggage for a friend to use.

They had a surprise for me.

The frames are up!  I can’t wait to really see it in person.  Apparently she has had Baby Boy busy and I will have some of her projects to show soon.

Here are the finished frames on the wall.  I do love a finished project!

 I love the white shelves in the frames. 

They did a great job getting everything up on the wall.  Sweet Amanda had Baby Boy busy with a hammer, screwdriver, and level.  Great job.

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