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Packing for the Weekend

On many Friday mornings before leaving for work I have a packing checklist for Star Hill. We keep clothes up there and have a pretty well stocked pantry but it seems like we always have something that needs to be taken up. Our only grocery store in Coldspring is not very big and the choices are both expensive and limited. I try to make a run to get produce and staples. All this packing has made me a little more organized in general. We have to check for toilet paper, paper towels, foil, dish soap, shampoo, etc. before leaving the lake each Sunday. I’m not complaining mind you. To us it is worth every bit of the packing. We get to wake up Saturday mornings to the sound of birds, not cars. We walk down to the pond and watch the turtles dive off the logs, we get to see the seasons change the leaves on the trees.

This weekend I am adding a lot of craft items to the packing. I hope to get a lot done, but I think that this weekend may be a slow moving one. I am packing some painted canvases that I bought at Goodwill. I will be working on it and a light for Sweet Amanda.

I plan on getting some pictures of the inside of Star Hill. I have had a few friends ask to see what we have done and hopefully I can get some advice on the rooms that need love.

Have a great weekend. Come see us. There is always room for friends at Star Hill.

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