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Boots on the Ground; Building a Forever Home in the Country

My buddy and social planner, Tanis, is one of those people turns her dreams into reality. She and her sweet husband bought lake house first. They convinced us to come visit and we were hooked. She helped us find Star Hill then encouraged us to “jump on it”. I titled this piece Boots on the Ground for two reasons; when we arrived Saturday to look at the staked-out house shape she was literally standing there in a pair of boots. She had rallied the troops. Her sister and brother in law were also there to look over the plans.

 I also chose this title because she is literally gong to be “Boots on the Ground” for this project. They have sold their home of 30 years and are now living in an RV so that the dream can become a reality.
According to Wikipedia, (the source of all knowledge), the term Boots on the Ground is used to convey the belief that military success can only be achieved through the direct physical presence of troops in a conflict area.

My social planner is attacking this project with military precision. She has assembled a notebook of ideas, hired a builder, met with a draftsman, reviewed the plans dream up, made corrections, re-visited the draftsman, staked out the outline of the house, then got out lawn chairs to make sure she liked the view. (The house will move back slightly from where it is staked out). She has even knocked on the door of houses she liked to see who built the home and ask what they would change about the house. The woman is a machine.

She brought the plans over for us to review before turning them back to the draftsman.

She has tracked down vintage lights, because she couldn’t find new she liked. She has collected just the right pieces of furniture for each room. Her home is going to be a true reflection of her style.

I hope her troops are up for the battle, because she will prevail. The house will be amazing.  This is the view she will have out the front door.  Wow.

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