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Horses in the Country


I am a city girl.  I grew up within a stone’s throw of Interstate 10.  I rode a horse a few times when I was little, but not often.  I don’t think I have ridden a horse at all as an adult.  People in Coldspring love their horses.  I did not have a camera on the way to church two weeks ago, but there was a horse tied up in front of a small church.  It was a great shot.  I see people riding horses into town frequently and there is a trail ride that comes through the town each year for the Houston livestock show and rodeo.  Coldspring schools get the whole school week off during the county fair.  My social planner, Tanis, and her husband are building a house right across from a pasture that four horses live in.  I love watching them and i think it was one of the things that made Tanis fall in love with the place. One of the horses is a yearling.  It has been so much fun to watch him grow up during the last year. When the horses see us at the property, they try to act like they don’t care, but their curiosity gets the best of them.  The start out across the pasture, moving slowly…

They are watching us from across the pasture, but they are acting like they don’t notice we are there.

They moseyed a little closer.  ( I sounded like a country girl there, right?)

Finally, the curiosity got the best of them.  They always end up at the fence.  The young one is the only one that wants to be petted.  Horses are really big!  They are magnificent creatures.  We need to start bringing treats when we come over. 

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