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Making a Key Holder for the Lovebirds


This weekend I got all the things together for the mirror and shelf that we are going to put up in the Lovebird’s nest.  Apparently Sweet Amanda has been busy around her place and has decorated like crazy.  We are going to check out her handiwork this weekend so I should have pictures to post when we return.  When you enter their apartment there is a small space that will serve well as a kind of organization station.  I found the perfect shelf to go under the mirror for $2.00.  I literally did not have to do a thing to the shelf or the mirror. Total cost for these two pieces- $12.00 

See the panel at the top of the mirror that is going to be part of the organization station? Hubby had to cut that off the matching mirror so it would fit on the mud bench.  I used the panel for the key holder.

The shelf was handmade and whoever built it knew what they were doing.  It is solid wood and they even provided the shelf with a cleat to attach it to the wall.  All the metal in the love nest front room is brass or gold.  The former owner  used a gold metallic finish on the shelf.   While I was gathering things to bring home for the entry way organization station, I was also working on the chandelier.  Painting a coat of paint- then waiting for it to dry- repeat.  While the paint was drying on the chandelier, I was puttering.  It occurred to me that the lovebirds might need a place to put keys by the mirror. The key holder could help with where to put the keys and speed up the morning exit.  I searched the hoard and found a drawer front left from the dresser we turned in to a mudroom bench.  It was about the right size, just a little boring. I remembered we saved some parts that we cut off from from the mirror that I had to cut off to put in the mudroom bench.  One of the parts was a wood insert that looked like it would fit perfectly on top of the drawer front.

 I had Hubby nail the two pieces together, I liquid sanded the whole thing. 

Then I primed and painted the thing coral.


 I glazed it at the same time I glazed the chandelier to make them blend.

 This week I ran by Walmart in the dark of morning and got some brass hooks and some little brass medallions to put behind the hooks. Total cost for the materials: $2. 87

Hubby and I laid out the hooks to see how it was going to work. 
This piece will be made from an oak drawer front and a maple insert.  Both pieces are old wood and solid.  Hubby drilled pilot holes in the wood before screwing the hooks in.

Please note Hubby drilling on his lap. I am not sure how many OSHA violations that would be but please do not try this at home!

We were really surprised how cute this turned out.  For just over $14.00 we will be able to put together a cute entry way for the lovebirds.  I can’t wait to get it all put up this weekend. 

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