Star Hill

Feeding the Wildlife

We love the wild animals that are around Star Hill.  When we first moved in to the house one of the first things that we put up was a bird feeder.  We loved seeing the birds come around. 

We had a family of foxes up at the top of the hill that came out to play all winter the second year we were there.  The next year we added hummingbird feeders. 

At times during the fall there are so many hummingbirds that it sounds like bees outside the door.  We discovered goldfinches about four years ago.  They are little birds that are bright yellow.  When I saw my first goldfinch I thought it was a loose canary! 

The next winter we added a squirrel feeder that takes an ear of corn.  I added another squirrel feeder that is a big jar to fill with corn and peanuts in the spring.  I can see them both when we look down the hill toward the pond. 

It took a lot of work to get it up in the tree.  The truck, a ladder and rope was involved.
 Hubby got the battery set up. 
 He filled the bucket with corn.
We tested it and corn flew all over us!

In the early mornings I have been seeing a deer down by the pond.  There are deer all around the area.  We saw these three near our house on the way to town a few weeks ago,

 but we really don’t see them very much at Star Hill. Of course seeing the deer made me want to get a deer feeder.  Our friend Larry mentioned that he had a small one that we could use.  Yeah!  This past weekend Hubby put up the deer feeder and we set the timer to go off twice a day; morning and evening.  I am anxious to see if we had any company at the feeder. 

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