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The Lovebirds’ Apartment


We got to go see the lovebirds this past Friday on the way to Star Hill.  (Okay, I know that going into Houston is not on the way to Coldspring- but any chance to see the kiddos will be taken!)  Sweet Amanda has been busy!  Their apartment is so cute.  She has such a great sense of style and humor.  She even found ways to insert the Baby Boy’s stuff into her design.  See if you can pick out his stuff.

For the wedding I found a bunch of old encyclopedias for 25 cents a piece.  Someone else gave her a bunch of Reader’s Digest books.  They looked great stacked around the tables but after the wedding I wasn’t sure what to do with them.  Sweet Amanda said she would take them and do something.  Here is the result:

 The old ceiling tin was in our house for years then went to the hoard when we painted the house.  They look great.

 If you guessed that the Mr. Potato Head dressed as Spiderman belongs to Baby Boy you would be wrong.

 Baby Boy screwed brackets into the book then attached the brackets to the wall.  They look great.

The gnome does belong to Baby Boy.  He painted it at one of those ceramic shops. 

The letters are stick on letters stuck to the glass of an 8X10 frame.  I painted and glazed the frames to practice for their bedroom furniture.

The mirror got installed along with the shelf.  The key holder did not get installed.  Someone put the wall hangers on upside down. 


Baby Boy and Hubby installing the mirror.

 Great solution for the Fiesta cups .  They add a lot of color.

 I wanted to show you a few more shots of the frame wall.

We loved our visit.  It is always great to see the kids.

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