Country living, Using a Smoker

Cooking for the Week Without Working Hard

This is a warning.  Vegetarians- avert your eyes.  This blog is all about meat.  About a year ago one of my teachers schooled me on the wonders of an electric smoker.  He swore to me that I- a professed non-cooker- could in fact smoke my own turkey.  I threatened him within an inch of his life if it went wrong, but did go buy a smoker.  I have to admit that I had no confidence in my skills so I cooked a turkey two weeks before Thanksgiving just to be sure it would work.  It did.  We were hooked on the Smoker.  We know that the coming week will be crazy with the start of school so we wanted to get some food cooked ahead.  In the city, I do not cook.  Hubby handles this duty, but it is his first week of school too so unless I want sandwiches or cereal I knew I needed to have a plan.  My plan… cook this weekend at Star Hill.

The smoker now lives at Star Hill.  It is the most amazing device.  I can cook a ton of food without worrying about it.

Step one buy some wood chips.  They are located where the barbeque coals are.  We buy different woods.  This time Mesquite.  I have a bag of Applewood waiting.  The wood chips have to be soaked in water for about 15 minutes before putting them in the cooker so I start soaking them while setting up the smoker.

My Smoker.

Not too attractive to look at.

The water soaked wood chips are placed around the heating element.

Next I get the steam bowl ready.  I have used a ton of stuff in the steam bowl but this time it was peach nectar and water.  Whatever you have.  Apple juice, Soy Sauce…

The steam bowl goes in just above the heating element on the hooks in the tube.

Next comes the meat.  Lots of meat.  When I am using the smoker I load it up.  It is going to be on all day so I think it just makes good sense to make several different meats at once.  On the rack above the steam bowl I put chicken breasts. 

The next rack had a pork loin and boneless beef ribs.  It was packed.

At this point, put on the lid and plug the smoker in.

In a few short minutes you should see…


SMOKE!  It smells heavenly.  We are starving all day while it cooks.  I put he smoker on at 9:00 in the morning and took everything off at 4:00 in the afternoon.  About every two hours I checked to see if it needed wood chips added to the bottom or water to the steam bowl. 

The door in the side is where you check everything.

The meat was amazing.  We had ribs Saturday night.  We will have chicken pork loin and ribs to eat this week along with salads and vegetables.  We are good to go.  This is a great way to start our first week back to school.

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