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Breaking in the Craft Table- Back to Painting

I just couldn’t wait to break in the craft table. If you know me at all you know that waiting is not my strong suit. I have been collecting ideas for some paintings a while. I have some photos that I have been holding on to, some ideas in Pinterest, a few drawings, and one or two ideas floating around in my head. The first thing I wanted to do was for The Southern Belle, my eldest.
I feel like I need to tell you a little about my sweet daughter.  The Southern Belle is a real beauty on the outside and inside. She is a competitive athlete, and a professional businesswoman. She is a passionate environmentalist and the co-parent of a dog named Maeby.  She is getting married this next summer to a great guy who puts up with me.  All those aspects of her life come through in her decorating.
She has a strong sense of style. She intimidates me. She definitely tends to gravitate toward classic, timeless pieces of furniture. Clean lines, expensive, quality, and timeless are words I would use when describing what she gravitates toward. Her home is a reflection of the places she has lived in the last six years.  She has lived in four states since graduation and has had the good fortune of living in Dallas, Texas; Savannah, Georgia; Lake Worth, Florida; and now in North Carolina.  Each place she has lived has helped to develop her sense of style.

At 27 she became a homeowner. She found a great home in her southern city. She has a five year plan.  Wow.

One thing that she loves is the southern flower, hydrangea.  Her house has several planted around it and they are beautiful when they bloom.  I wanted to paint a hydrangea for her, but I knew it needed to be simple, not fussy and small enough to mail to her.  I looked up pictures of the flower then went to the Internet for pictures.

I was pleased with the result.  I am proud of my efforts.  I had to wait to post this until the Southern Belle got it in the mail.  She liked it and I am proud of my effort.  It feels good to be painting again.

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