Star Hill

Finding my Voice

Two of the best writing teachers I ever worked with commented on reading my voice in the writing I do on this blog. Wow! Hearing that from these two ladies humbles me. I really do talk for a living in a way and there are many times each day that I wish I sounded polished, refined and well spoken. I cannot say that polished is how I sound, in fact hillbilly comes a little closer to the truth. I recently announced to my incoming freshmen at Induction Ceremony practice ” You can act like that right now, but tonight you better don’t.” The upperclassmen sitting in the audience erupted into laughter. They find what I say funny most of the time.  I say things like ” He looked at me like a cow looking at a new gate.” The kids have no idea what I am talking about. When I try to explain it is often worse than before I started.  Apparently I am the source of humor for many of the students.
What I hope you read in my voice is a passion for life, a willingness to try new and unconventional things, a sense of humor in life and in decorating, a strong love for my husband and children and the precious people they have brought into our family circle.  I have an extended family that is a great source of strength and encouragement. They are not afraid to tell me that is the dumbest idea they have ever heard of.
 I am proud to say that both of my children have their own unique voices.  They are strong, caring, independent and free thinking adults who love deeply and are respected by their friends and community.  They both have found their own voice.

My weekend country life rejuvenates me. My voice at Star Hill is slower, contented, and quieter.  I take the time to cook, to sit, to watch birds, to talk to my neighbors, to walk.  My life is not perfect, in fact it is a mess from time to time but I am committed to to letting you see it warts and all.

I promise to keep working on grammar, syntax, punctuation, and word choice but most of all, I hope you continue to see me in what I write.  I hope you can hear my voice.

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