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Decorating for the Seasons

In my real day to day world I decorate my home for Christmas.  I may get out a little at Easter or Thanksgiving if company is coming, but generally the house looks the same no matter the season.
At Star Hill I decorate for the seasons.  I don’t go crazy, but I decorate for summer (red, white, and blue patriotic); fall (harvest, pumpkins, leaves); winter (snowflakes); spring (flowers, bunnies).  I have a few things that I change out during the season (the Christmas tree comes out along with stockings and nativity scene, hearts come out around Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July stuff comes out…) but generally everything stays up the entire season.  It is easier for me to decorate up in the country because it is a small space, I have storage for the stuff, and I don’t have to be surrounded with it all week.
I don’t decorate my bedroom but the front guest room does get a make over each season.  I change the bedspread in there and the throw pillows. 
Determining when to change the seasons was tricky at first, but now I pretty much have a system.  Before I leave on Labor Day all the summer comes down and I start the fall going up.  Fall stays up until everyone leaves at Thanksgiving.  Winter is from the time that Thanksgiving comes down until the first of February.  Spring comes out in February and stays up until Memorial Day. 
All the summer stuff got collected in one spot.
I love my milk glass.  I get it all out and put it in the den during summer.
I shop for decorations out of season and store it in the Garagemahal in large Rubbermaid tubs above the cabinets.

 Each tub is marked with the season on the end.  I have a set size tub for each season so when it is full something has to come out in order for new stuff to come in.  Because I add stuff almost a year before I get it out to decorate it is almost a surprise to me what I have. 

At the first of fall I get out a few cowboy and rodeo things. September is the San Jacinto County Rodeo. 

This is a big deal in Coldspring. They let out school for the entire week during rodeo week. The weekend before the rodeo there is a parade that we try to attend.  Plan on coming to the rodeo. It is really small town fun. We love it.

Here is the big change outside the house.

 In October I go full force with the leaves and pumpkins. 

From this…

to this.

 This past weekend one of our trees decided that it was fall and started turning gold then dropping leaves.  I am sure it was the heat, but it did make me feel like summer is almost over. It made the decorating a little easier to look out the window and see the leaves changing.

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