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The Guest Room Redo

The mudroom bench is really coming to an end.  I painted final touch-ups this evening.  I need a new project.  It really is therapy for me.  Ever since I found that sad end table in the trash I have been thinking about redoing my newly married son’s room.  It will now be a guest room.  The problem with the room was that I could not come up with a color scheme that I liked.  Friends suggested colors for the end table but I just could not settle on anything that I loved.   I wanted the room to be classic with a modern twist and still use my 70’s furniture finds.  Inspiration came from The Hills blog.

I am good to go now.  The room is going to be gray and yellow toned.   I have set a budget for myself of $100.00 to redo the room.  I already have a great gray comforter I purchased online for $17.00.  It has literally been sitting in my bedroom for over a month because I bought it for the lovebirds thinking they needed it.  They found another gray comforter that they purchased so I planned on returning mine.  I just couldn’t do it because the one I had was such a great deal and I thought in the back of my mind it might find a home.  Now I am glad I saved it.
Here is what the room looks like today. 

I already have a double bed and an upholstered headboard made from a hollow door.
It is pretty forgettable.

There is a dresser in the room that will move to the other guest room.  The treasures will have to find a new home.    

 The side table is outdoor furniture and the lamp was a clearance find. 

There are some photos I took in Hawaii on one wall and this art piece from my old office. I love the photos and will find a home for them.  The artwork is fine, just not very exciting. There is an oak desk in the room that has to stay, but it will work fine as is.

Here is the plan:

  • Reupholster the headboard and reconfigure the room.
  • Paint the dumpster end table into something fabulous.
  • Find a great lamp.
  • Re do the armoire- (I recently got an armoire back that was my unnamed son’s when he was little. With a little fluffing up it is going to be amazing.)
  • Find some great curtains. 
  • Add art.  This is going to be my favorite part.  I got online and looked for yellow and gray inspiration. I found:



more birds
You will definitely see my version of something above in the room.
I also have on hand:
 A resale shop frame that I painted the blue color from Sweet Amanda’s bedroom.  $2.00
 A large mirror that I bought last weekend at a garage sale.  $2.00

I need sheets, pillows, dust ruffle, fabric, curtains, and paint.

Tally so far:
comforter- $17.00
frame and mirror- $4.00

I think I should get it all done for under the $79.00 left. 
I think that this will be a great place to put my milk glass too.  I guess I am really going to find out if Hubby reads my blog.  He is at parent’s night tonight and has no idea that I have gone off on another tangent. 

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