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The Finished Mudroom Bench

Well, I do love a finished project.  We are FINALLY done with the mudroom bench.  Yippee!  Here is the final tally for the project:

Dresser- Free
Mirror- $10.00
Bead board panel- $23.00
Plywood- $25.00
Wood- $12.00
Behr Paint- $40.00
Crystal knobs- $12.00
Cushion- $30.00 for everything.

Total- $152.00
I overshot my estimate of $150.00 but not by much. 
I really do love the finished project.  I hope that you think it is worth the time and effort.  Come see it in our entry way.  We worked really hard and want to show off all the work.
 Here is a recap of the project: part 4; part 3; part 2; part 1
Here are some shots of the finished project.  I hope you enjoy.  The old dresser that was  bound for the landfill sure looks good.

 Married Son thinks that the color is like melted lime sherbet.  I think it is very restful.

 My crystal knobs!

 The mirror before the top was put on.

 The top is installed.

 It looks so pretty.  The pillows are some that I had.  They are going to work great.  I planned on making some and still will, but these look like they were made for the bench.

 The cabinet hinges came from our kitchen.  When we installed new cabinets I saved everything.  It sure has come in handy.

 What it looks like coming down the stairs.

 I am going to decorate the top for fall. 


 Shoes and dog leashes go here.  We still need coat hooks but I have not found the ones I want. 

Let me know what you think!


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