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My Cheapo Ways

Eight years ago I was starting my second year as science specialist for our district.  I had spent my first year in the job convincing teachers that they could teach hands-on science, providing lessons, creating worksheets and handouts, making PowerPoints for the teachers to use.  It was the back to school staff development day for our district.  There were over 100 teachers in the cafeteria of one of our elementary schools. I asked the audience “What do you know about me?” I expected answers like you will help us… silly me.  From the back someone yelled out “You are cheap!” I laughed so hard I almost fell of the stage.  During the past year I had also looked for inexpensive ways to teach the science concepts.  I was that teacher that took in baby food jars, left over yarn, shoe boxes, coffee cans, etc.  My cabinets were jammed with things that could be used to teach the concepts but not cost money.  Let me be clear, I am NOT cheap!  I am frugal.  I have no problem spending money as long as it is something I REALLY want and it is on sale.

I hate to spend more money than necessary on things. My mom taught me well.  She is the ultimate reduce, reuse, recycle queen.  She washes out zip lock bags and reuses them.  I drive a fully paid for 6 1/2 year old car.  You have seen how I decorate my home.  I have several great suits from Goodwill and other resale shops.  I never pay full price unless that is the only option.

Last week I posted that I wanted to redecorate a bedroom in our home and my friends have already started helping me out.  One of my buddies called to let me know that there was yellow paint at Home Depot in the OOPS bin. ( the good Behr paint with primer- in a soft yellow color.)

 My social planner, Tanis, has gone to a garage sale with me, and one of my teachers brought me a Hancock’s fabric coupon.

So far I have collected

  •  two side tables- one free, one fifteen dollars

My fifteen dollar find.  Solid wood with lots of detail.
 My Free Find

  • a bookcase- free (legs for the bookcase from the Habitat sale 2.50)
  • A mirror- 2.00
  • Yellow Behr Paint with prime- 15.00
  • A huge valance that will be part of the headboard- free
  • A milk glass lamp- 5.00 ( I am already redoing this.  You will see it soon.)
  • A comforter and shams- 17.00

41.50 spent so far

    I am on the lookout for gray or yellow and gray curtains, fabric for the headboard, throw pillows, and some white bedding.  I am not afraid to think outside the box.  Ideas are welcome.

    If you have a lead on this stuff- I am all ears.

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