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Making a Work Table

Right now most of my big projects are done on a glass topped patio table. You can see the glass in the picture above from the wood I just varnished. It is a minor miracle that I haven’t shattered the glass on this table top with my projects. Recently my dad gave me the base to an old restaurant table. The base will be perfect because it will move out of the way easily and will be tough enough to stand up to the abuse it is going to take. A tablecloth will cover it when we use it for eating at the garagemahal.  It looked really rusted but it turned out to be surface rust that did not damage the integrity of the metal. I scrubbed everything with a steel brush to get any loose rust and paint off.  My dad thought I needed to get it powder coated.  Sorry Dad but powder coating is EXPENSIVE.  I knew there had to be a better solution.

 . I found some great Rustoleum paint to cover the rust.

This stuff is  magical.  Seriously. It turns the rust places into metal instantly.  The rust spots even feel different after you spray the paint on. Not bad for less than $5.00.

 This is where the rusty spot was before.

 Cast iron base adds weight to the table.

It has a cast iron top plate on top that the wood will be screwed through.

Hubby assembled the top for the table from plywood scraps in the Garagemahal.  The first piece is smaller than the actual top.  After everything was painted on both sides he screwed the two pieces together and attached the table top to the smaller piece of wood.

 I painted everything the same gray color as the cabinets of the Garagemahal.

Now I have a table that can be used inside the garage and out.  It will stand up to the weather and hopefully to my mistreatment.  My dad is getting a matching top for his table base too.

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