Star Hill

Outside at Star Hill

 I love, love, love the berries that get ripe in the fall.  None are edible, but they are pretty.
 I love the moss that grows on the trees,
 The birds!

 I took this one morning from the boat.

 The pond at the bottom of Star Hill

I love being outside in the fall.  I love just about everything about fall.  I love the colors- red, yellows, browns, and greens.  I love the weather.  In Texas fall is cool, but not cold. The hummingbirds come through in droves. The sunsets and sunrises are even more beautiful for some reason at this time of year.  The only thing I really don’t love is ragweed.  I am super allergic.  I live on allergy medication during the fall, but it is worth it just to spend so much time outside.

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