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Blogging Milestones


I have been blogging for two months now.  I have reached a few milestones that I set for myself and I wanted to thank you and answer a few questions that may be out there.


Are you retired?

How does your husband know how to do everything you need him to do?

Where do you find the stuff you redo?

I have tried to post on your blog but I can’t.  Why not?

My favorite question:

Are you going to quit work and blog full time? 


I am learning more and more how to blog effectively.  As of today I have had almost 3000 page views. 

I have been re-pinned on Pinterest!  This gave me joy.

I had someone use what I did to make their own craft project. (It was WAAAY swankier than mine but I was still the inspiration!  Woo Hoo!  Here are pictures of her wreath!  Way to go SB.

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