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According to the source of all knowledge ;), Wikipedia, Kismet is a word, possibly derived from Turkish, Urdu or Persian, meaning fate or destiny, a predetermined course of events. The word likely evolved from Arabic قسمة qisma, meaning lot, from قسم qasama, to divide, allot. The word kismet is also used in Hindi, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Albanian, and in some dialects of Serbian as luck. Now let me state up front that I am a Christian and I believe that nothing that happens is a surprise to Christ, but today I had one of those Kismet moments.
I had a meeting with a very important person today. While waiting to speak to this person I started talking to his secretary. She is a lovely lady who always looks put together and on top of her game professionally. I found out that she is a closet dumpster diva! She can sew and does very creative decorative work but she also drags home roadside finds and goes to garage sales. We started talking about her passion, decorating Habitat for Humanities homes. Yeah! This is an organization near and dear to me. There have been so many times over the years that I have found items that I would love to do something with, if only I had a home for the item. It was as if the doors of heaven opened and angels started singing while we talked. Due to my work schedule I could never volunteer to work on homes on my own but now, through her, I have a way to contribute as I have time and hopefully I will be able to get my kids involved too. I saw pictures of what she is currently doing for two little kids in our city and already have some ideas. If you are one of my friends, start thinking about furniture you have that needs a new home. I will make sure it gets one. I am so excited to start helping her out. The first thing will be a blackboard for the little girl’s room. Hot pink frame.

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