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Wedding Dress Shopping


Before I start this post I wanted to show off The Southern Belle’s engagement photos.  Her photographer is great and did an amazing job in spite of an injury that The Southern Belle suffered during a race the morning of the photos and a rain storm.  I love that the photographer said she is as beautiful as an Ann Taylor model on her worst day.  I totally agree with the photographer. Click Here to see the photos.

One of the main reasons I decided to go visit the Carolina Kids was to shop for wedding dresses with my eldest.  I was so thrilled that the Southern Belle invited me that it brought me to tears.  It is tough on a mom for her daughter to be planning a wedding miles and miles away. 

Friday morning we set out to find the perfect dress. 

First Appointment:

Rock Hill South Carolina
A very nice lady had a LOT of dresses for the Southern Belle to try on.
It was a good place to start.  She was able to figure out what she did and did not like.
 I love her pasted on smile.  No way she liked this…
Second Appointment:
 More dresses to try on.

This one was a real contender, but not the winner.
Third Appointment
By this time the Southern Belle had a good idea what she really wanted.
Her ZTA little sister came in to check out the dresses.
And the winner is:
You didn’t think I would post the dress did you?
But a dress was bought and it is stunning.  The Southern Belle is going to be a beautiful bride.

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