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The Headboard Goes Up in the Yellow and Gray Bedroom

I just wanted to remind everyone what I started with.  A functional teen boy’s room.  Painted beige, minimal furniture and lots of blank space.  The headboard fabric reminds me of my grandmother’s couch fabric when I was growing up. 
It was definitely nothing to tell the world about.
This is what I wished it would look like:
My inspiration came from The Hills Blog.
Last night I made a little more progress in the transformation to turn the boy room into a grown up bedroom. Last night I worked on the headboard.  I found some great fabric at Hancock’s in the clearance section.  I got 2 1/2 yards for $ 6.75.  How great is that?

The headboard already in the bedroom was a hollow core door that we saved when we changed all the doors in the house to six panel doors.  It is covered with three layers of carpet padding from when we put in new carpet.  Job one was to rip off all the old fabric then add a layer of batting to the whole thing.  I have an electric staple gun.  If you are my friend I will loan it to you.  It is the most amazing invention ever when you are upholstering something. 

Hubby put these cleats on the headboard and the wall.  Basically they connect together to hold the headboard onto the wall.

Stuff from my hoard.

The lamp is a no go… too short.  The old tennis racquet?  I just like it.  The frames may have pictures of the family in them above the bed… we will see.

I have collected a lot of treasures to try out in  the room but I haven’t settled on any of them yet.  The two baby pictures are hubby and me.  I may use them.  We will see.  Art work and curtains are next.

Doesn’t it look great?

I love how it is coming together.
What do you think?

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