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Paint Chip Art

I told you that I visited my stylish friend Pam this Sunday.  She is a crafter from way back.  She has an amazing sense of style, she decorates cakes, she makes wreaths, she does needle work… the list goes on and on.

My favorite of her recent projects was a paint chip art project.  She said that she saw it on Pinterest so I went home and did a little researching.

 I found it on Life Crafts and Whatever .  I will be following this blog now.

Here is the finished product that Jen did on her blog.

Here is my friend’s version:

 I asked her several questions and I got up close and personal with the project.

She used Martha Stewart paint chips because they are longer and wider than other paint chips. Pam used a stretched canvas for her project. She painted the edges of the canvas a dark brown so that it looks finished on the sides.  After using some math skills along with trial and error she figured out that cutting the paint chip in half gave her just the size she wanted for the canvas.

You cannot tell from this photo but she glued the chips down, mod podged, then stained and wiped, then mod podged, then added a pearlized paint to the last coat of mod podge.   My photo doesn’t show the faint shimmer.

This is definitely a project I will be doing.  Thank you Pam for the great idea!
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