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Reusing a Window


My friend, the social planner, found this window along with another where a house was being remodeled. She wanted to turn it in to a hang up rack for her soon to be started mud room. It had great old paint and the glass was not cracked.

Up at the Garagemahal we have tools, paint, Polyurethane and doodads a plenty. The social  planner got busy covering the frame with poly. She even sealed the back with a few coats of poly to keep the peeling, and potentially lead based, paint in place. 

After the polyurethane, I donated some of my clearance knobs to the window. They will be perfect in her rustic mud room.

I do have a surprise for her… I have asked Lorie of Lorie’s Glitz and Glamour to use her handy dandy machine to make a vinyl “Rocking F” for the glass. 

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