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The Finished Chalkboard in the Yellow and Gray Bedroom

I finished the chalkboard tonight and by using the word I, I really mean we because while I did the chalk part hubby put in something called window points in the back to secure the board to the frame. Let me publicly say:  Thanks, Honey for all you do. Most of it without a complaint. πŸ˜‰

This project began as a huge “painting” like my grandmother had over her couch when I was growing up was leaned against the wall. When I say huge I mean 48 inches by 24 inches. It had a solid wood 4 inch frame. Hubby said that picture moulding that big would be $3.00 a foot. 12 linear feet of moulding. I got it for $5.00

The picture itself was too warped to use as the chalkboard part ( I want to try that one day with another picture) but we had a piece of hardboard big enough to make a chalkboard in the hoard. A good cleaning, then liquid sand for the frame got it ready for paint. I had some flat white latex paint in my stash. Following directions from Red Hen Home Blog I added two tablespoons of plaster of paris to a cup of paint then added enough water to the paint to be able to paint with it. the results were great. It took a couple of coats to get the frame looking smooth but it really looks like chalk paint on the frame.

I really am getting better with the chalkboard paint. I have discovered the secret. Sandpaper just didn’t work for me between coats because I sand unevenly. Steel wool does the sanding job like nobody’s business. Thin coats of chalkboard paint with a foam roller, wait for each coat to dry then steel wool between each coat and it came out smooth as a baby’s bottom. It took four coats of chalkboard paint. You have to wait three days to season the board by rubbing chalk over the whole surface then wiping off with an eraser or dry rag according to the directions. After it is seasoned it it good to go.

The first coat of chalkboard paint did not completely cover the hardboard.  No worries.

Last week as I searched Pinterest for guest room ideas I ran across this saying: Where there is room in the heart, there is room in the house. By Thomas Moore

I thought that would be a great sentiment for a guest room.

I decided to write it out freehand with traditional chalk for a couple of reasons. If I make an error I could erase easily (I did need that option). Also, the cost of the chalk markers was too high for me to stay in my $150.00 budget. I plan on working with the chalk markers in the near future.

I could not get the color right on the pictures tonight.  The wall is gray and the frame is white.

I love my little owls.  I will go show off all my accessories soon.

Trying out my photo editing program.  The colors are correct here!

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