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Politics in the Woods


I voted today. I honestly did not know all the local candidates.  Have you voted yet? Do you know who you are voting for in the tax assessor position?  I will bet they do in Coldspring, Texas, the county seat of San Jacinto, Texas.  Politics are tricky in the Piney woods, and I love it!  Every business, intersection and many homes have signs in front of them… I wonder what happens if they have the loser’s sign in front of their house?

This is the intersection in front of our neighborhood. 

Look at the signs around town( they are everywhere so you would have a hard time missing them.) It is possible in the country that you might not know who is running for president or that there are state and national elections at all. I tried, but I could not find a national election sign.

Sam Houston is running for constable along with an NRA member and Mr. Bonds. 

I wonder who attended the meet the candidate session?

I wonder who attended the meet the candidate session?  Who were the candidates? 
I love driving past this headquarters.  The Tri County Texas Tea Party Headquarters… love the Beware of Dog sign and the broken Coke machine on the porch. 
Politics in the Piney Woods of East Texas are really fun.  I am glad that I get to be an observer.  
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