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The Painted Suitcase

I saw this idea on Pinterest and have been looking for a suitcase to make my own. I thought that it would be perfect on the porch at Star Hill when we have guests.  It would be a great wedding piece or something at a Bed and Breakfast to welcome guests too.   Thank you for sharing Beyond the Picket Fence!

Why is it when I get something I want to do in my head I can’t find what I am looking for?  I have been routinely searching Craig’s List and garage sales for just the right suitcase since summer.  This week I finally found it!  I paid $5.00 for a hard sided plastic suitcase.  I was so excited to get started that I did not get a picture of the suitcase before I started.  it was warped, olive green and scraped up a bit.  I did not feel too guilty to be painting it.


I already had the turquoise paint from the Lovebirds Bedroom and have used it on the map chair too so beside the suitcase the only other expense was a can of chalkboard paint.  I love when Michael’s has stuff on sale and lets you use a coupon on sale items.  The paint ended up being about $3.00 and will be used in several projects.
Here is the inside.  Sweet Amanda thought I needed to fix it so that I could use the inside too so the outside chalkboard in on the bottom portion of the suitcase.  I can now put a chalkboard inside the top with it open and items on the inside if I want to.

I taped off a rectangle on the outside bottom and covered everything with newspaper to keep the chalkboard paint off the turquoise. 

Here is the finished project.

Here it is before I roughed it up and glazed it.  The final step will be to spray a sealer on all but the chalkboard.

Sweet Amanda has a friend named Molly that I will be making one of these for as soon as I find the next suitcase.  Let’s see how long it takes her to find out from my blog! She is starting up a business where she does hair and makeup for weddings, and special events.  What a cute way to advertise and take her stuff. Check out her facebook page at MollyDo’s  (Huntsville, Texas) she does amazing work.

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The Finished Chandelier Lamp

A while back I turned a chandelier that I bought for almost nothing into a hanging lamp for Sweet Amanda but I haven’t take the time to show the finished project. Click here to see the old post. Hubby took this chandelier
 from one that would hang on the ceiling wired in to a lamp with a twist on and off switch. This works great in an apartment that has no overhead lighting.

It turned out really nice and the lamp shades really add to the piece.

Star Hill

A Bookcase Table for Star Hill

Remember this hint from last week?

I found this little bookcase, end table, night stand… not sure what it is for the amazing price of $2.00 while driving through Coldspring a few weeks ago.  I wasn’t sure what I would do with it, but it was solid and made of wood with no obvious wobbles or problems.

I brought it back to Star Hill and started thinking… I really need something small for my iPad, laptop, books, and my lap blanket by the couch.  That something has to be red.  I mean I want it to be REALLY red.  The little bookcase fit the bill.  Someone had even cut holes in the back so that I could run the electronics through without a problem.
I had this particular red table pinned for a while… just calling my name from You Are Talking Too Much Blogspot.

Before I settled on yellow for the hexagonal table, purchased some red paint that I knew would find its’ way into Star Hill.  Behr, Red Tomato #170B-7.  This color is going to be used in my Christmas decorating this year too. 

I brought the bookcase back with me to the city because that is where the red paint is and this weekend I got the chance to work on it. I was home with a sick husband so the garage looked pretty appealing.
I Spackled all the holes and primed it.

Then I got busy painting.

I love the red color.  At Star Hill I remembered I had some red fabric that I bought for $1.00 at a garage sale a while back.  It was the perfect color.  I lined the back with the fabric.
I think it adds to the piece.
Here is my $3.00 book case.  It will not look this cute in the front room of Star Hill, because it is going to be a work piece, but I wanted you to see the size with my milk glass on the shelves.

 Nothing sits straight at Star Hill.  The hill plays havoc with pictures.
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DIY Monochromatic 3 Dimensional Art


I do love finding treasures in the trash. Two weeks ago on my way to work there it was. A giant framed art piece leaning against a trash can waiting for the truck to whisk it off to the landfill. If you know me at all, you know that I stopped and jammed it into the back seat of my car. I did not have an idea what I wanted to do with this piece. I already have a huge chalkboard and recently made a paint chip piece from another large framed print. I knew something would come to me if I would just be patient. While looking through Pinterest, ran across this artwork for sale.

Truly Madly Deeply
I loved it. Our master bedroom is a little lacking in artwork. Something like this piece would be amazing, but $515.00 plus shipping is way out of my comfort zone. I thought the idea of a monochromatic piece above our bed would be restful. I have  been happily married to my best friend for over thirty years. I think that the words from the Savage Garden song just fits in our room. I knew that I had found inspiration for the rescued art piece.
I developed a plan.  Use the frame and hopefully the print, look for letters that are the correct size, map it out, glue it down, paint it then ta-dah.  Oh how I wish things went this well for me…

The plan worked perfectly until I priced out the letters. It cost $40.00 for the letters and spray paint- and that was with a coupon! I was thrilled to find that the print in the frame was glued to hardboard and was stapled into place. I really thought this would go quickly until I discovered the frame was not painted, it was covered with a sort of wallpaper like stuff that had to come off. After I determined that the frame was solid wood and worth the effort, I peeled off the paper that came off easily then got busy with a wire brush on the parts that did not come off easily. Two hours later the frame was clean.

As I got ready to put the letters down I recruited the math teacher that lives at my house to help. No way did I want to mess up a $40.00 project.  I have whole pieces of furniture that didn’t cost that much!  He mapped it out for me with a ruler. I carefully drew a pencil outline around each letter before I started gluing the letters down one by one with E6000 I already had on hand.

After the glue down process, I applied weight to the whole thing in order to make sure they were stuck to the board completly.
Next I had to fill in the holes in the bottom of some of the letters with painter’s putty. It had the nerve to turn coolish this week so I did not get the chance to spray paint the picture for a few days. It was torture to see it sitting there not painted, but I have been feeling a little under the weather so being in the unheated garage was out.
Finally, Friday after work the stars and planets aligned.  Low humidity, no wind and warm enough to paint. I chose Krylon Ivory in a satin finish.

It looked pretty rough afte the first can of paint.  Why oh why do I think I can get away without priming?

Sooo after a trip to the store for spray primer and more paint…grrr.

I ended up with this beauty.


Dresser, Repurposed Furniture, Roadside Rescue

Road Side Rescue

Wow! I hit the lottery tonight.  Solid wood, super-long and it is going to be this color blue.  It will happily live in my den in the near future.  Even Hubby thought this one was worth saving.

The blue in this leaf will be the color of the dresser.
It will go on this long, lonely wall.
 Here she is!
 It even has hardware!
The only piece we broke getting it into the truck was the center leg.  It looks like an easy fix.

I have been super busy and haven’t finished the three projects I have started. Here is a glimpse of what I am working on. I left the camera at The Lovebirds’ house so the pictures are from the ipad.

I have a week off with time on my hands. I promise to get busy.

This weekend I will be working on a habitat home. I have a few things lined up there too.

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Decorating for Thanksgiving

This weekend I was a total city girl. Hubby got the stomach bug going around so we were home bound. I did have a few projects at the city house so there was no worry that I would be bored today. My main order of business was getting the house ready for Thanksgiving.

This is what I assembled to do today.

I got busy last night with candlesticks. I found these candlesticks in Onalaska, near Star Hill, for 25 cents each. I purchased the round bases at Michael’s for 68 cents each after the discount.

  I am a fan of the E 6000 adhesive.  It works great.
Here they are connected together.

 I used Valspar Whipped Apricot spray paint to unify the wood colors.I am really addicted to yellow right now. I love this yellow particularly. For just over a dollar a candlestick including the paint, I ended up with a something I really like a lot.

I used the spray paint on a frame that I got for  25 cents.  sprayed the liner of the frame with chalkboard paint but I should not have tried to write on it yet.  I will be repainting. 

The frame started out in a maroon color.  It is a good thing I used primer.  Here is after the first primer coat.

There was a lot of pink bleeding through the primer.

I did convince hubby to go with me to get some youpon holly from the ditches near our house even though he was sick. As the roads get busier this is not as easy as it used to be. Here is my table before I got busy and here it is after.

I need to bring my white plates home for the table from Star Hill.

  Here is my buffet finished.

 This is what my farmhouse table looks like.

I had a very productive weekend. More to come.

Fun with friends

Farkle With Friends

About once a month I have the opportunity to get together with a great bunch of ladies to eat, laugh, eat some more, oh… we do play a dice game too. We tell our husbands that the reason we get together is to play Farkle but honestly it is a chance to get together, laugh act silly and enjoy being together. This month the big game was at Marcie’s beautifully redone home. Her husband is quite the handy man. He has renovated every room in the home over the past few years. Her kitchen is great and functions so well for large groups.
This time the meal was sort of a potluck menu that centered around the social planner’s taco soup.


My social planner made the soup, but her big sister had to stir the pot.  Big Sister has us all thinking pink right now.  We are in her corner.

No chance of going hungry at Farkle.

During our “very serious” game time our mathematician, Sharon, keeps up with our points until someone reaches 25,000 points. 

The rules are very complicated but we are in good hands with Sharon keeping the score.

The winner gets to keep these amazing fuzzy dice until the next time we meet.  They must be hanging from your rear view mirror.

We had a rare roll during the game.


Marcie made cute napkin rings for us.

She is so creative.

Martha won the Farkle gift- she rolled Farkle the most times.

Guess who won and is sporting a fancy set of fuzzy dice this month in her car? 

I am so glad that I have group of ladies who are fun, funny and accepting of me and my crazy schedule.

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Finished Yellow and Grey Guestroom

Finally.  Last night we put the finishing touches on the guest room.  I hope you like what we did. Here are pictures of the finished room.  Final cost $154.63 Click on all the hyperlinks below to go to the projects that we got accomplished. 

One day I am going to actually hit my cost goal, but this is not too bad for a great guest room.  You will see that I added a cute pillow to the bed.  I love the color and graphic.  I got it on Etsy.  The lamps make me happier than the globe lights.  I love them but the chain was too busy for the wall.  I am giving them to Sweet Amanda for the lovebird room.

Remember that it all started with a end table I picked up on the side of the road. I started looking for inspiration to get the table painted.  Then it hit me.  I had a whole room needing love.



I love these owls.
Easy Artwork
I used a lot of my finds to create a mirror wall.
I tried these lights.
But I did not love them in this room.

I like this one so much better.  I found some curtains I can live with. 
I hope you like the room.  We are proud of our hard work.
 WE LOVE IT!  Now bring on the guests.

Star Hill

Getting a Jump on Christmas

I really do love fall. I promise. I especially love, love, love the time change. I am such a morning person so having more daylight in the a.m. Is great. I have more time for Pintrest! This year I have decided to get a jump on presents. We are not spending much this year but I do have a few things up my sleeve. I have finally joined the 21st century and have started shopping online. I can’t wait to show you what I will be working on but not until January. Let me say that I am excited about the projects I have in store. The Southern Belle and Sweet Amanda are fun to do things for.