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Decorating for Thanksgiving

This weekend I was a total city girl. Hubby got the stomach bug going around so we were home bound. I did have a few projects at the city house so there was no worry that I would be bored today. My main order of business was getting the house ready for Thanksgiving.

This is what I assembled to do today.

I got busy last night with candlesticks. I found these candlesticks in Onalaska, near Star Hill, for 25 cents each. I purchased the round bases at Michael’s for 68 cents each after the discount.

  I am a fan of the E 6000 adhesive.  It works great.
Here they are connected together.

 I used Valspar Whipped Apricot spray paint to unify the wood colors.I am really addicted to yellow right now. I love this yellow particularly. For just over a dollar a candlestick including the paint, I ended up with a something I really like a lot.

I used the spray paint on a frame that I got for  25 cents.  sprayed the liner of the frame with chalkboard paint but I should not have tried to write on it yet.  I will be repainting. 

The frame started out in a maroon color.  It is a good thing I used primer.  Here is after the first primer coat.

There was a lot of pink bleeding through the primer.

I did convince hubby to go with me to get some youpon holly from the ditches near our house even though he was sick. As the roads get busier this is not as easy as it used to be. Here is my table before I got busy and here it is after.

I need to bring my white plates home for the table from Star Hill.

  Here is my buffet finished.

 This is what my farmhouse table looks like.

I had a very productive weekend. More to come.

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