Dresser, Repurposed Furniture, Roadside Rescue

Road Side Rescue

Wow! I hit the lottery tonight.  Solid wood, super-long and it is going to be this color blue.  It will happily live in my den in the near future.  Even Hubby thought this one was worth saving.

The blue in this leaf will be the color of the dresser.
It will go on this long, lonely wall.
 Here she is!
 It even has hardware!
The only piece we broke getting it into the truck was the center leg.  It looks like an easy fix.

I have been super busy and haven’t finished the three projects I have started. Here is a glimpse of what I am working on. I left the camera at The Lovebirds’ house so the pictures are from the ipad.

I have a week off with time on my hands. I promise to get busy.

This weekend I will be working on a habitat home. I have a few things lined up there too.

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