A Bookcase Table for Star Hill

Remember this hint from last week?

I found this little bookcase, end table, night stand… not sure what it is for the amazing price of $2.00 while driving through Coldspring a few weeks ago.  I wasn’t sure what I would do with it, but it was solid and made of wood with no obvious wobbles or problems.

I brought it back to Star Hill and started thinking… I really need something small for my iPad, laptop, books, and my lap blanket by the couch.  That something has to be red.  I mean I want it to be REALLY red.  The little bookcase fit the bill.  Someone had even cut holes in the back so that I could run the electronics through without a problem.
I had this particular red table pinned for a while… just calling my name from You Are Talking Too Much Blogspot.

Before I settled on yellow for the hexagonal table, purchased some red paint that I knew would find its’ way into Star Hill.  Behr, Red Tomato #170B-7.  This color is going to be used in my Christmas decorating this year too. 

I brought the bookcase back with me to the city because that is where the red paint is and this weekend I got the chance to work on it. I was home with a sick husband so the garage looked pretty appealing.
I Spackled all the holes and primed it.

Then I got busy painting.

I love the red color.  At Star Hill I remembered I had some red fabric that I bought for $1.00 at a garage sale a while back.  It was the perfect color.  I lined the back with the fabric.
I think it adds to the piece.
Here is my $3.00 book case.  It will not look this cute in the front room of Star Hill, because it is going to be a work piece, but I wanted you to see the size with my milk glass on the shelves.

 Nothing sits straight at Star Hill.  The hill plays havoc with pictures.

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