Farkle With Friends

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About once a month I have the opportunity to get together with a great bunch of ladies to eat, laugh, eat some more, oh… we do play a dice game too. We tell our husbands that the reason we get together is to play Farkle but honestly it is a chance to get together, laugh act silly and enjoy being together. This month the big game was at Marcie’s beautifully redone home. Her husband is quite the handy man. He has renovated every room in the home over the past few years. Her kitchen is great and functions so well for large groups.
This time the meal was sort of a potluck menu that centered around the social planner’s taco soup.


My social planner made the soup, but her big sister had to stir the pot.  Big Sister has us all thinking pink right now.  We are in her corner.

No chance of going hungry at Farkle.

During our “very serious” game time our mathematician, Sharon, keeps up with our points until someone reaches 25,000 points. 

The rules are very complicated but we are in good hands with Sharon keeping the score.

The winner gets to keep these amazing fuzzy dice until the next time we meet.  They must be hanging from your rear view mirror.

We had a rare roll during the game.


Marcie made cute napkin rings for us.

She is so creative.

Martha won the Farkle gift- she rolled Farkle the most times.

Guess who won and is sporting a fancy set of fuzzy dice this month in her car? 

I am so glad that I have group of ladies who are fun, funny and accepting of me and my crazy schedule.


Finished Yellow and Grey Guestroom


Finally.  Last night we put the finishing touches on the guest room.  I hope you like what we did. Here are pictures of the finished room.  Final cost $154.63 Click on all the hyperlinks below to go to the projects that we got accomplished. 

One day I am going to actually hit my cost goal, but this is not too bad for a great guest room.  You will see that I added a cute pillow to the bed.  I love the color and graphic.  I got it on Etsy.  The lamps make me happier than the globe lights.  I love them but the chain was too busy for the wall.  I am giving them to Sweet Amanda for the lovebird room.

Remember that it all started with a end table I picked up on the side of the road. I started looking for inspiration to get the table painted.  Then it hit me.  I had a whole room needing love.



I love these owls.
Easy Artwork
I used a lot of my finds to create a mirror wall.
I tried these lights.
But I did not love them in this room.

I like this one so much better.  I found some curtains I can live with. 
I hope you like the room.  We are proud of our hard work.
 WE LOVE IT!  Now bring on the guests.

Getting a Jump on Christmas

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I really do love fall. I promise. I especially love, love, love the time change. I am such a morning person so having more daylight in the a.m. Is great. I have more time for Pintrest! This year I have decided to get a jump on presents. We are not spending much this year but I do have a few things up my sleeve. I have finally joined the 21st century and have started shopping online. I can’t wait to show you what I will be working on but not until January. Let me say that I am excited about the projects I have in store. The Southern Belle and Sweet Amanda are fun to do things for.

The Weekend

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I love fall. I especially love fall at Star Hill. The leaves are beginning to change color and the temperature was in the high 60’s. I spent too much time sitting on the porch and almost no time in the Garagemahal. About all I got finished this weekend was a pound of shelled pecans. I do have two projects to finish this week at home. Waiting on Hubby to hang my new lamps in the yellow and grey bedroom. Pictures to come this week. I hope everyone got the chance to be outside enjoying the weather.

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