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Christmas at the Beach


This year we did something that we had never done for the holidays. We rented a beach house and spent our time with the kids in the Galveston area. The house was beautiful. We rented a house on the Bolivar Penisula across from Galveston, Texas. A short ferry ride from Galveston. The dolphins were out and we got to see them every time we took the ferry.

We could not have asked for better weather. We wore short sleeves during the day and light jackets at night. We had a fire on the beach at night and went for long walks. We played at Pleasure Pier and ate some great food.

My buddy the social planner came down to the beach house to see us and the kids. She took the picture of the family for me. Thanks Tanis!

The best thing about the trip was having our family there with us. Life is good.

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