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Valentine’s Cupid From Christmas Clearance

This weekend we took a trip to Bryan-College Station to check out FaceLift Furniture. I am going to let you all in on the trip, the finds, and the fun later this week but I wanted to show you my “Valentine Find” from the Clearance Christmas section of a store before it got too much closer to Valentine’s Day. I love Valentine’s Day even though my daughter, The Southern Belle doesn’t. My Great Grandmother’s name was Katie Valentine. How could I not love the day?

Tree Topper

The item was supposed to be an angel tree topper- regularly $34.95- marked down to $10.00. I thought it looked like a cupid without the bow and arrows and that got me thinking… this would make a great wall piece for February.

I drew off a big heart, hubby cut it out, I painted it red, then quickly glazed and glued on a piece of burlap in the shape of a heart. I love my stash of free burlap. A vendor at Round Top had a temper tantrum and threw away 8 burlap sacks. I drug it out of the trash, but that is another story.

1-IMG_0857 Baby, our guest dog, hung out with Hubby while he cut out the heart.

1-IMG_0872 1-IMG_0873

In order to make the piece work on the board. ( It has a fold down ring on the back to slide over a tree top. I may want to do something down the road with it so I did not want to remove the ring.) We had to add blocks to the big heart to go around the ring. I attached my cupid to the blocks with command strips in case I ever change my mind about what to do with my little angel.

1-IMG_0881 1-IMG_0882-001 1-IMG_0883

I love how this turned out. Rustic and vintage. It is proudly hanging over my buffet, but I have not uploaded the pictures yet. This project cost $10.00 to make something unique and fun. I love it.

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