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Not Everyone Gets Me and I Am Fine With That


Recently I had some ladies over to the city house. One of the ladies just could not contain her low opinion of the painted furniture in my home and art that I made for the home. She walked around the house looking at what I had done then pronounced that she really liked a print from a Texas artist on the wall in family room because that was the type art she understood. I did not have the heart to tell her that the print would soon be moving to the lake house. My favorite question from her was when looking at my paint chip piece…” How do you know when you are finished when you making art like that?” My answer was simple. “I quit when I liked the way it looked!” Here is a portion of the thank you note I got from her:

Thank you for inviting us over and for the meal….We had a lot of fun. You have a very interesting home. I have enjoyed telling my friends about your unique style. I hope you have a wonderful week.

I love that she thinks my house is interesting and has been telling others about the house! I would love to hear what she had to say about my “unique style”.

I also had a family member beg me not to ruin the pedestal table I found on the side of the road by painting it. She is willing to take the table in order for me to not mess it up. Remember this is a table destined for the landfill had I not picked it up on the side of the road…in the rain. Apparently painting the table would be a fate worse than destruction.

It has taken years to be ok with what I like no matter what others think. The older I get the more I have learned to embrace who I am and what I like. I took the time post not because I am hurt by what others say, because I was amused rather than upset. I wrote this post to encourage others to decorate your home with what you love, and celebrate your own creativity even when or if others do not celebrate with you. Do what you love and love what you do when it comes to your home.

I love being unconventional, colorful, and unique. I love walking through my home and knowing that my home reflects me, my personality, and… it gives me joy.
Here are some of my recent favorite things in the house:

Right now I am working on painting another roadside find, a 6 1/2 foot long dresser that is going to serve as a credenza in our den. I am thrilled with the colors I have chosen and look forward to having more friends over to see my handiwork.

I feel blessed to have a daughter and daughter in law who are not afraid to have their own unique style. They both are amazing decorators but are very different in their approach. I love that each has learned to put their stamp on their homes. I have friends who share my sense of whimsy in their homes and it thrills me to see what they come up with. All in all, I am blessed.

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