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Not Everyone Gets Me and I Am Fine With That

Recently I had some ladies over to the city house. One of the ladies just could not contain her low opinion of the painted furniture in my home and art that I made for the home. She walked around the house looking at what I had done then pronounced that she really liked a print from a Texas artist on the wall in family room because that was the type art she understood. I did not have the heart to tell her that the print would soon be moving to the lake house. My favorite question from her was when looking at my paint chip piece…” How do you know when you are finished when you making art like that?” My answer was simple. “I quit when I liked the way it looked!” Here is a portion of the thank you note I got from her:

Thank you for inviting us over and for the meal….We had a lot of fun. You have a very interesting home. I have enjoyed telling my friends about your unique style. I hope you have a wonderful week.

I love that she thinks my house is interesting and has been telling others about the house! I would love to hear what she had to say about my “unique style”.

I also had a family member beg me not to ruin the pedestal table I found on the side of the road by painting it. She is willing to take the table in order for me to not mess it up. Remember this is a table destined for the landfill had I not picked it up on the side of the road…in the rain. Apparently painting the table would be a fate worse than destruction.


It has taken years to be ok with what I like no matter what others think. The older I get the more I have learned to embrace who I am and what I like. I took the time post not because I am hurt by what others say, because I was amused rather than upset. I wrote this post to encourage others to decorate your home with what you love, and celebrate your own creativity even when or if others do not celebrate with you. Do what you love and love what you do when it comes to your home.

I love being unconventional, colorful, and unique. I love walking through my home and knowing that my home reflects me, my personality, and… it gives me joy.
Here are some of my recent favorite things in the house:







Right now I am working on painting another roadside find, a 6 1/2 foot long dresser that is going to serve as a credenza in our den. I am thrilled with the colors I have chosen and look forward to having more friends over to see my handiwork.

I feel blessed to have a daughter and daughter in law who are not afraid to have their own unique style. They both are amazing decorators but are very different in their approach. I love that each has learned to put their stamp on their homes. I have friends who share my sense of whimsy in their homes and it thrills me to see what they come up with. All in all, I am blessed.

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Treasure Hunting in Bryan-College Station

On our way to visit Facelift Furniture we spotted a Goodwill. You know that we couldn’t pass that up after our visit. They had great furniture. I found two pieces that had to come home with me, a drop leaf coffee table that will be going into the main room at Star Hill and a small dresser that is going into the bunk room to hold guest supplies. I paid $14.00 for each solid wood piece of furniture. They look a little rough right now, but I am chomping at the bit to get started on them. The maple drop leaf table is going to be Behr sailboat blue.  I got so excited when I got home that I did not photograph the drop leafed table before I started sanding.

Drop leaf coffee table 1-IMG_0894 1-IMG_0897

It will be a bright spot in the center of the room and my red accents and milk glass will look great on it. It is my plan to give it a worn look, so that when the feet get put on it they will only make it look more loved. I love that the table is small when we need it to be and then can grow when we are playing board games or putting puzzles together. I plan on being creative with the dresser. I think it is going to have a fun pattern to go with the western country feel of the room. I am itching to get started painting… soon.
My social planner and her hubby only had one request on the trip. A stop a Weinerschnitzel. We don’t have one of those near us and it has a huge meaning to them. They met at the Tucson, Arizona Weinerschnitzel, when they were 15 and 17. The weather was perfect and an outside picnic was perfect. I really can’t believe I ate a whole chili cheese dog and order of fries, but I did.

1-IMG_0833 1-IMG_0834 1-IMG_0835
After our trip to Goodwill, we ate chocolate at The Chocolate Gallery in downtown Bryan. What a great place. You can watch the chocolate being made then order from old fashioned glass counters filled with goodies.

1-IMG_0849 1-IMG_0850 1-IMG_0852

We strolled around the downtown area and made a few purchases. We loved looking around, just ran out of time. Our last stop at Bryan Market was where I picked up the “Cupid”. Oh, and I did get it hung, finally.

1-IMG_0838 1-IMG_0839 1-IMG_0844 1-IMG_0846 1-IMG_0854

I enjoyed our day trip. It may be hot in Texas summers, but I sure love Texas winter.

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Visiting Facelift Furniture

Facelift Door
This past weekend we visited Facelift Furniture in College Station, Texas. I am so proud because I planned a trip for the social planner, Tanis and our husbands. Planning a trip is not what I am known for. Facelift Furniture is a business opened in 2011. I discovered them when searching the Internet for repurposed furniture near us. I am so glad I ran across his web page, and then his Facebook page

I recently purchased his ebook too… I sound a little like a creeper here, but I promise, I am just a fan of his work!

Facelift Furniture is located in the back row of a group of industrial buildings, so don’t let the GPS fool you like ours did.

2151 Harvey Mitchell Pkwy S #329, College Station, TX 77840
Open 8-5 MWF, 8-4:30 TTh

I lifted this information straight from Jeff’s web page because I could not say it any better:

Facelift Furniture specializes in furniture restoration. We love getting creative with dated, worn down and ugly pieces of furniture, transforming them into valued pieces for any size or type of room. These transformations are made using latex enamel paint, glaze, and distressing techniques. We sell finished pieces, and furniture you can select to be painted. We can also upstyle your furniture!

My goal in going was just to get ideas, see the quality of work he did and hopefully get to see the great colors he uses. I love his turquoise pieces and the green he uses. Jeff was so gracious. He gave us the grand tour and answered a million questions for me.

Facelift Showroom 2

Facelift Showroom

The photos above are from the show room.

Now on the way to College Station Tanis mentioned that she was looking for a large buffet type piece for the Rocking F Ranchito. In the spirit of full disclosure, I advised my buddy to wait until she moved in to make sure that once she saw the space she could get what she wanted. My social planner is one stubborn chick! Within ten minutes of arriving I could tell that Jeff had a new fan. Within 15 minutes he was clearing out a path in his work area so that we could see a long unpainted dresser that he thought would work for the space.

Facelift work space

I knew as soon as I saw it we would be returning to pick up the painted piece in a few weeks. After much deliberation, the deep red that Jeff calls chili red was selected. It really will be perfect in the Ranchito and add that “pop” of color the house needs.

Facelift dresser

I would like to thank Jeff for allowing us to see the projects under way right now, answering my questions, and best of all, giving me a reason to go back in the end of February to shop. I love the way he repurposes old cabinet doors and into hat racks and chalkboards, but I especially liked ethe way that he repurposes old chair backs and headboards into hat racks. I did not photograph any of the furniture he has in his shop or projects under way because I know that he will be posting them himself. Please take a look at his amazing work. I hope one day that what I do looks as good as his. Oh… buy his ebook. It is really easy to read and he provides a great material list and even shares the colors he uses.

Update:  Here is the finished piece via cell phone camera. 

Photo: Larry and I are in college station picking up a piece of furniture that I had Facelift Furniture (Jeff) finish in a chili red and brown glaze... Turned out really cool! This will be in my dining room for linens and silverware etc. Jeff has a web site and an ebook that my friend Karen uses to refinish her pieces!

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Art from Resale Finds

This past weekend I made two unusual finds at one of my favorite resale shops; a music book for a flute for twenty five cents and four 78 records for fifty cents each.

What to do with these items? I looked at them for a while then decided they need to go together.

I decided to use the music book to cover a board that the albums will be screwed to with a large screw in the center of each record. I am saving the dust covers and I am doing no damage to the records. I am not sure if the records are worth anything, but I will bet they are worth more than fifty cents!

I Mod Podged the sheet music to a scrap board and allowed it to dry. I am absolutely the worst at getting all the wrinkles out, but I keep trying.

Then I spaced the albums out on the board and hubby screwed them down. They are going up in the game room where we have some album covers framed. This will be a perfect addition to the room.






I love the results. Not too bad for $1.75 art! Pictures of the upstairs game coming room soon.

Star Hill

Valentine’s Cupid From Christmas Clearance

This weekend we took a trip to Bryan-College Station to check out FaceLift Furniture. I am going to let you all in on the trip, the finds, and the fun later this week but I wanted to show you my “Valentine Find” from the Clearance Christmas section of a store before it got too much closer to Valentine’s Day. I love Valentine’s Day even though my daughter, The Southern Belle doesn’t. My Great Grandmother’s name was Katie Valentine. How could I not love the day?

Tree Topper

The item was supposed to be an angel tree topper- regularly $34.95- marked down to $10.00. I thought it looked like a cupid without the bow and arrows and that got me thinking… this would make a great wall piece for February.

I drew off a big heart, hubby cut it out, I painted it red, then quickly glazed and glued on a piece of burlap in the shape of a heart. I love my stash of free burlap. A vendor at Round Top had a temper tantrum and threw away 8 burlap sacks. I drug it out of the trash, but that is another story.

1-IMG_0857 Baby, our guest dog, hung out with Hubby while he cut out the heart.

1-IMG_0872 1-IMG_0873

In order to make the piece work on the board. ( It has a fold down ring on the back to slide over a tree top. I may want to do something down the road with it so I did not want to remove the ring.) We had to add blocks to the big heart to go around the ring. I attached my cupid to the blocks with command strips in case I ever change my mind about what to do with my little angel.

1-IMG_0881 1-IMG_0882-001 1-IMG_0883

I love how this turned out. Rustic and vintage. It is proudly hanging over my buffet, but I have not uploaded the pictures yet. This project cost $10.00 to make something unique and fun. I love it.

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A Chair at the Table Craft day

I made this map chair about six months ago.
Map Chair Seat

Map Chair
Sweet Amanda, my most favorite daughter in law, liked it and may or may not have said that she would steal it. In order to save her from a life of crime, we started thinking about planning a day when her buddies could come over to Star Hill for a girls only craft day. Chairs in the country are crazy cheap so I got busy. I picked up these six beauties for @$5.00 each. I have also been collecting ideas for what to do with the chairs. Here are the chairs needing adoption by the girls and some links to great chairs for inspiration:

Chairs to Share

Yep. They really do look like a hoard in the Garagemahal. I have 6 chairs that I have spent a total of $25.00 on. At prices like this you know that some of them needed love.

Chair Repair

This beauty needed parts. Hubby had to make the cross pieces.

Here is a line up of the chairs that have been collected. I kind of feel like the SPCA trying to get someone to adopt pets.

The Blue is strapping hubby used to re-glue the legs.  All good now.

The Blue is strapping hubby used to re-glue the legs. All good now.

We were watching Baby for our friends and she attached herself to this chair.

We were watching Baby for our friends and she attached herself to this chair.

I think this old beauty would look cool with the slats painted in Ombre shades of one color.

I think this old beauty would look cool with the slats painted in Ombre shades of one color.

I have a thing for mission furniture.  Love this beauty.  Will look great uphostered and painted.

I have a thing for mission furniture. Love this beauty. Will look great uphostered and painted.

This beauty needed love to be ready for the chair day.  new parts, glue and screws are in.  Victorian feet, rosette at the top back, and a great shape.

This beauty needed love to be ready for the chair day. new parts, glue and screws are in. Victorian feet, rosette at the top back, and a great shape.

I have two of these for the party.  They have a lot of detail in the back and will really show off a glaze.

I have two of these for the party. They have a lot of detail in the back and will really show off a glaze.

Here are links to some inspriation chairs: Red Painted Chairs, Blue Chair,French Chair, White Upholstered Chair

Here are All Things Thrifty’s Week of Chairs. Love them

I have been picking up fabric in the remnant section and have even collected a few wild shirts from resale shops that might work for the seats.

The girls are going to bring paint from their projects along with what I have in the hoard.

I am looking forward to showing off the results from our chair affair.