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Storage Solution for Gift Wrap Paper

I have always had a problem with where and how to store gift wrap. I love having rolls of gift wrap around but keeping it from getting wrinkled is always tricky. Under our staircase there is a small closet that we use to store our treasures. I had Hubby build a gift wrap holder on the wall of the closet.

The materials were:

2 six inch wide sections of plywood from the hoard 36” long

10 Eye Bolts- with a wide enough opening for a dowel rod to go through.

5- 1/2 inch Dowel Rods

Drill holes in the plywood strips 6 inches apart and secure the eye bolts into the drilled holes. Hubby recessed the back of the two by four so that the washer on the eye bolt was flush with the wood.

Connect the strips of plywood to the wall then run the dowel rods into the eye bolts.

I left the dowel rods long enough to drape tissue paper over. It helps to have everything where I need it.

Here is my compact gift wrap holder. It is easy to get the paper down and keeps everything nice and neat I hope the person that buys our home appreciates this little bit of organization. The next one we put in at our new home will be even bigger!

gift wrap holder

Under the slant of the stairwell


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