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Dresser to Mudroom Bench

My mudroom bench started life as a dresser. I found it on the side of the road waiting for heavy trash pick up. It was a mess! The top was in pieces and two drawers were broken. In spite of the shape that the dresser was in, it was solid wood and had dove tailed drawers. It was late at night and we were headed home from visiting friends. I had to beg Hubby to stop, back up and get out to look at the dresser. He was less than impressed with this one.

What I Know and Don;t Know About Old Furniture

Here it is with one of the working drawers out. The top has a split all the way down the length.

After staring at it a few weeks, I decided to turn it into a piece for our entryway that could serve as a sort of mudroom. A place to take off shoes, hang jackets and hats and hide junk…I mean Hubby’s treasures.

First, We removed the top two rows of drawers from the dresser and created a bench by adding a plywood top.

Turning a Dresser into a Mudroom Bench Part 2

Next, we created a separate top piece from the two remaining solid drawer fronts. Because of the height, we had them open on hinges. We could not have used it if it were drawers. A sheet of beadboard paneling, 2X4’s, and a plywood box.

Mudroom Bench Part 3

The mirror was a thrift store find. Hubby chopped the top off the mirror frame and routed the 2X4’s so that they matched the mirror. We reused the top in a later piece.

Then, Hubby created a board and batten over bead board back to connect the piece visually. The bead board and top are connected together, but they float over the bench. Sneaky huh? This allows easy installation and access to electrical without cutting holes in the wood. You never know where it will live next! All the hooks were installed last because I wasn’t sure what I wanted. In the end I went with plain hooks because they worked for the piece.

The Mudroom Bench is Coming Together

The Finished Mudroom Bench

Finally, we painted, added crystal knobs and made a tufted cushion. I love the soft green color!
The Finished Mudroom Bench

The Finished Mudroom Bench
This is by far the most unique piece of furniture in our home and is a great conversation piece.
The Finished Mudroom Bench

Here it what it looked like the morning that I wrote this blog. I did not do anything so that you can see how we really live.

mudroom bench

This is the best shot I have taken of the bench. Now I wish I had removed Hubby’s hat, camera, and jacket!



119 thoughts on “Dresser to Mudroom Bench”

    1. I have to beg because he knows how much work is in store for him. He is definitely the muscles and skill in the projects. I just have the ideas and paint. I think my husband would much rather fish or play golf!

    1. Jennifer, While this did take us a while to do, it really wasn’t that difficult. I am attaching the longer version of what we did in case you are interested. Anyone could turn a dresser into a mud room as long as they had a solid wood dresser.

  1. Just saw your feature on Roadkill Rescue—
    FABulous re-invention! I’ve done my share of dresser-repurposing myself, but never thought of your idea!
    I love when people can think outside the box!

  2. This is just the coolest thing I have seen in a long time. I am all about repurposing furniture, especially dressers without drawers. I would love for you to come by my link party and share this with my readers! visiting from Roadkill rescue.

    1. I would love to. The post on Roadkill is an abbreviated version. I actually did four posts of our progress with some different photos ans a much better description. Have a great evening.

  3. This is seriously one of the most amazing transformations I have ever seen. Good for you and your insight-this is such a great project.

    1. I laughed out loud at your comment! If I ever quit my day job and start saving furniture full time I now have a name: FrankenFurniture! Thanks for the kind words!

    1. I will post the link to the four posts that have better instructions on my Facebook page. Best of luck. It is my favorite piece of furniture.

  4. Beautiful. I have an old dresser that looks just like yours. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with it for 2 years! Great inspiration! Thanks for sharing. Found you on Redoux

  5. How talented and creative you are. I would never have seen its potential as a mudroom bench. Beautiful transformation. Over from Redoux and following. Would love you to follow back if you can:)

  6. Love it! Can you tell the brand and name of the paint color you used? I would love to paint a piece of furniture that color.

    1. Thank you. The color is Behr paint with primer, Winter Fresh. I only use Behr paint with primer, satin. I don’t get paid by they are the best.

  7. This is beautiful..Currently looking for a real wood dresser at garage sales..Thank you. I can’t wait to get started on this project w my hubby.

  8. wow this is crazy AMAZING!!! Sharing on FB at 1pm today! Thanks for linking up to support Habitat and hope to see you back tomorrow!

      1. OMG! I just saw the post and I realized that I put my name on instead of the name of the project. I hope you know that the Mudroom Bench is not named Karen!

    1. My absolute favorite. When we moved, I had to have a spot for it or I wouldn’t look at the house. It is a fun entry into the house.

  9. Awesome job! I need something like this. We built a deck, added a ramp, (son is paraplegic) then we enclosed it all in, added windows, and a door. It’s now an added room basically. We are looking for something for coats, shoes, etc. I think I would leave out the mirror to add more hooks. We always have
    What an inventive idea!

    1. Thank you. When we moved a year ago, a place for the bench was one of the considerations. We have grown very dependent on the bench and hooks for all our stuff.

  10. LOVE it!! Great job!!
    I actually thought the jacket and camera were part of the composition. I think they look great in the pict. πŸ™‚

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