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Using Colored Wiping Stain on Furniture

My Social Planner, Tanis and my husband both love the look of pine furniture. Me, not so much. They like the knots and wood grain and the rustic quality of the material. I think I do not love it because it reminds me so much of the start of our married life when all we could afford was ready to assemble cheap pine furniture that turned and unattractive yellowish color when varnished. On one of our outings Tanis purchased a pine side table for her guest room. She paid a whopping $10.00 for the piece that at one time was used to hold LP record albums. Of course she did not want to paint the wood so I suggested trying something new to us, colored wipe on stain. I figured she wouldn’t kill me if I ruined a $10.00 table.


These are the products that we used on the cabinet. The stain for the wood and the spray for the hardware.

I selected crimson because it will look great with the navy blue iron bed and fishing motif of the guest room. I just crossed my fingers and hoped it would work. Hubby sanded the entire piece down to raw wood then Larry, Tanis’ husband stained it with the gel stain.


Staining the LP cabinet


It took three coats of Rustoleum Poly to get it sealed and a coating of oil rubbed bronze on the hardware but it is going to be a great board game holder for their ranchito.


This really is a happy medium for me. You can still see the woodgrain, knots and all through the stain but there is color!

1-IMG_1069 1-IMG_1070

The hardware looks so much better!


This is going to work great to hold board games and puzzles.


I recommend this product if you want color but still need the wood look. I will be using it again in another color.

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