House Hunting Version 1

Well, we saw several homes on our first real estate adventure. I am not sure we found our home but we definitely ruled some out and have a better idea of the area we want to live.

Our first stop was a definite no. I LOVED the home but, it was way out in the boonies, next to a power line, and smelled like cows. Nope.



The next stop is a definite maybe. I liked the look of the house, the neighborhood was fine and their was an empty lot next door that is for sale so Hubby could potentially have the full acre he wants.


Next, we went to another home in the same neighborhood that is under construction. I would have input in the color etc. but I really did not like the style of the home. It was a very formal and more fancy than we are.


The next home was cute as could be, had a great lay out and was a real deal


That was what we thought until we discovered there was major foundation issues. Too bad.

Our final stop was to show Hubby what was out there with acreage. It sat on 5 acres.


A definite no.

It did inspire me to get my home ready to sale. I think we will have it ready to go soon.

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