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What I Learn From My Daughter’s Decorating Style

I have written before about my daughter’s decorating style. I love her simple elegance. It is a theme that is evident in her whole life, not just decorating her home. As I prepare to move from one home to what will probably (hopefully) be a smaller home, I am glad I have had the chance to spend time in her very peaceful home. I have viewed what she does with fresh eyes and I will be taking what I observed home with me and apply it in my new digs.

Here is what I have noticed about her home that makes it so serene:
1. Keep only what you love. She pares down easily where I struggle with keeping things I do not love because I love who gave it to me or I fear hurting someone’s feelings. As soon as the new mirror was installed the old one went to Restore. Because she only keeps what she loves, her home is a true reflection of her personality. Her home is peacful because it is not too full of stuff.
2. Select a subtle theme and carry it through the home. The Southern Belle loves navy blue. It will be the color of her brides maid dresses. Every room has a touch of navy. Pillows, chair cushions, valance, shower curtain trim, the office walls. It travels through the home without being overwhelming. She lived in costal communities for a few years. That costal vibe is also evident, but not kitchy.

3. Nothing beats white trim work. No matter the wall color, the white trim unifies each room.
4. Dark colors work well in bedrooms, as long as the furniture is minimal and light. It is restful.

Door into headboard
5. Nothing fussy. Natural fibers, wood, fruit, fresh flowers.

6. Keep the metals the same throughout the house. In The Southern Belle’s home it is silver, chrome, or brushed nickel. She stays true to that family in everything. Light fixtures, furniture hardware, lamps…


5 thoughts on “What I Learn From My Daughter’s Decorating Style”

    1. I totally agree, Lauren. I wish I could have met you while we were in town. You have done such a great job capturing the essence of my sweet daughter and soon to be son in law. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her bridal portraits.

      1. Oh I’m so glad!! I love them so much, and Rachel did a beautiful job making it look like she wasn’t freezing! It’s hard to take bad pictures of such a pretty person! Can’t wait to meet you in two and a half months!

  1. my daughter in law is so the same…their is not a lot of attatchment to items..where as I have a tough time…love the look of navy and white

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