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The Brawn Behind the Work

First of all welcome to those of you who have recently started following my blog. I am honored and humbled that anyone reads what we do! Thank you for joining us in our journey. I was recently featured on Roadkill Rescue and I got a few comments about my husband not loving to stop and pick things up on the side of the road so I thought I might introduce him to you, if you don’t mind.

People always ask me how I am able to do the things that I do, and my answer is always the same; it’s easy, you just have to find a guy just like my husband! My friends often ask if I rent him out.  No way!


I have been married to this guy for more than 30 years at this point, so after I write this, no offers to trade me in for a newer or better model are allowed.

I met Hubby when we were both in college. I was a city girl and he was a country guy. I was an art major and he was getting a degree in business. There were over 400 in my high school graduating class, there were 46 in his, I am the oldest of 2, he is the youngest of 4. Opposites really do attract! When I say he was a country boy, what I should say was he was a farm boy. He tells me he started driving a tractor alone by the time he was 10, driving a gain truck into town by the time he was 14, and working alongside his dad all summer for as long as he can remember. He grew up learning to make it work, figure it out, and do it yourself or do without. In high school he took wood shop and was in FFA. He can build just about anything I can draw, he uses an amazing assortment of tools, he can weld, do wiring, plumbing, and can get about any motor to work. In college he took tractor mechanics as an elective course for fun and rebuilt an old tractor from the ground up.

connecting the plumbing

I know, lucky right? I would have to agree.

He is a math teacher and is loved by his students. Being a math/business/farm guy means that he tends to be no nonsense with the frilly, girly, just looks nice stuff. He doesn’t always “see” what I see when I look at a piece of unloved furniture. Show him a chair, he sees a chair. I may see a coat rack, or bench…because I am wired that way. If something is broken, he thinks it should be thrown away…me, not so much.


We also sometimes discuss things LOUDLY. It could be that we are both a little stubborn.

When we are on our way home from church and I spot a broken dresser/desk/chair…insert other pieces of furniture here, he is not always excited to stop in his good clothes and load a dirty, sometimes smelly,piece of broken furniture in the back seat of the car. Same goes for late at night in a shady part of town, or digging through our neighbor’s trash…but he has done it all for me. There are times that I have to convince him to save something, but he has also gone out, in the rain, to rescue a piece of orphaned furniture for me just because someone texted me a curb alert.

We really do work well together. He teaches me new things every time we have a project and I amazed at his skills all the time.  I so do not love the sweater t shirt he was so proud to wear to the Coldspring Christmas parade!

I hope this helps you to understand my Hubby a little better. When I say I had to convince him, usually it is because he really understands how much work will go into what I envision, when I don’t always see the work in my excitement to do something new, unique and different.



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  1. I remember when yall started off in college! Yes, are a match made for each other! He is a KEEPER!

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