I Wish Life Was Like T-Ball

My friend, The Social Planner, generously allows Hubby and me to participate in family activities from time to time.  She and her husband are fortunate enough to have her three boys living close by.  An added bonus is she has two grea daughter-in-laws.  The cherry on top is that she has three amazing grandkids who I get to love too.

Saturday afternoon we got to attend the oldest gran’s first ever T-Ball game.  He is four years old and the rest of his team is about the same age.  They are so cute.  While sitting at the game I thought that possibly T-Ball is the perfect sport.  I wish life were more like T-Ball

  • They don’t keep score.  Sadly I work in a field where we are all about the score- sometimes more than the kid.
  • Everyone gets three trys to hit a thown ball, but if that doesn’t work you get three tries off the T too. I loved that the kids get a chance to hit the ball first- but there is support if needed.
  • Your coach gets to be on the field with you.  When you are new to the game (or job, or …) it sure is nice to have someone standing out with you helping you to know what you need to do in case you get lost or confused.
  • Everyone celebrates when you score.
  • When the game is over, you get a snack.

See what I mean?  I want my life to be more like T-Ball.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.  My little buddy had a great day.  His family was there to celebrate- uncles, aunts, great uncles, great aunts, cousins and me maw and b-paw. Just wish his mom’s parents could have made it, but I know they will enjoy the photos.

1-IMG_1359 1-IMG_1326 1-IMG_1327

The Cheerleaders!


1-IMG_1307    1-IMG_1308

There was a lot to do waiting for the ball to come.


First “At-Bat”

1-IMG_1334 1-IMG_1336 1-IMG_1337  1-IMG_1343 1-IMG_1347 1-IMG_1338

1-IMG_1349 1-IMG_1315

Sliding into home plate.

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