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Painting An Ornate Side Table


In the process of clearing out the garage to get the house on the market I posted this sweet little ornate side table on Facebook for my friends. I bought this little beauty a year ago with the intention of “doing something” with it. When I find something like this for $5.00 at a garage sale, I must buy it… even if I do not have a home for it.

The first person to jump on the side table was Sweet Amanda’s buddy, Tara. When I asked the color she would like it painted, she replied “Stone Gray”. I knew that the table would need to be painted with spray paint because the last person to paint the table had used some sort of questionable paint on it. The paint was flaking off and was sort of general mess. A quick sanding and liquid sand ensured that no more paint would come off, and she was ready. At Lowe’s I found a dark gray called gun-metal gray. I looks a dark bluish type gray. A quick run over with charcoal glaze and she looks so pretty. I know that Tara will enjoy it in her soon to be Houston location.

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