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Bedroom Inspiration- A Reclaimed Wood Wall

I stared at my bedroom walls all weekend at Star Hill and have decided that the back wall behind the bed is going to be covered in old barn wood, grayed with age. Here is my inspiration: Rustic Wood Walls
Here is the bedroom right now:


I am about to add two side tables that are currently under renovation and an old door headboard where the not so awesome headboard is now. The side tables will provide more storage ans somehow I want my milk glass on this wall.

I visited my Stuff for the Lake Pinterest Board ( I am one of those people who pin things then sometimes forget to look at what I found…so I pin it again.) it struck me that the lake house board is the best reflection of what I want in my weekend home. I really have captured the comfy, weathered vibe I seek on this board. This just reinforced for me that the wood wall and gray paint will work.


I love these lights and the wall behind it. One day my bathroom up there will be gutted and these will be built.

Sooo,now I need to find the wood. Any suggestions? I need a cheap solution in the Houston area.

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    1. It was on Pinterest but the link to the site was no longer live. We plan on using it for inspiration to make our own sconces.

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