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Sewing Cabinet

I must have been very good. I got two three presents (food is definitely a present) when I got home from work yesterday. My husband got us tickets to Wicked, he cooked supper, and he had gone over to my friend Kandy’s house to pick up this beauty.

sewing cabinet

Yep, I know what you are thinking… jealous right? I love it. My friend is downsizing and had this sweet little sewing cabinet in storage. It belonged to her mom. The cabinet has three drawers and flip top sides that are pretty deep.


The bonus was that there were crochet books still inside from 1960. They are going to my friend Patricia who can use them.

1960's crochet books

The bigger bonus is that two of the drawers were full of buttons. Old beautiful buttons. I know exactly where some of them are going to end up, but it is a secret.


At the very bottom of the cabinet I found this sweet old spool of thread.

vintage thread

Back to the sewing cabinet. Guess who has a new office roughly three times the size as her old office? I know exactly where this will go as soon as it gets prettied up. The sewing cabinet is going to be a table between two chairs. I just have to figure out what color she will be.

I cannot wait to get my office fixed up. My old books will finally have a home. My Dick and Jane stuff will be framed and make sense along with my paint chip art and my vintage mirrors.

I need to get some sleep. I keep thinking of projects in the middle of the night.

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    1. Wow! I got a comment from my precious daughter -in- law, Sweet Amanda! I have one of the Dick and Jane Posters out right now trying to decide what color it will be.

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