The City House

The Weekend

Well until we get moved out of the city house we are staying at the city house every other weekend to work on projects. This weekend was to paint the outside doors. It has only been 14 years since they were last painted…if ever.



The weather was perfect for painting.

I left Hubby working on the house Saturday to go to Baylor University with three amazing young ladies who are looking at colleges to attend. This is my third college visit this year and I have to say that Baylor wins on organization, events and freebies.

All the kids got a free t-shirt, cool stuff and lunch. The help was amazing and the schedule was totally doable.
One of the young ladies has set her sail toward Baylor now and will be filling out her application as soon as possible.IMG_1475

8:00 a.m. arrival  was rough.  It meant we left at 4:00 a.m. They had been awake all of 5 minutes in this picture.


Picking up the information


Opening ceremony was fun.  The girls were right up front.



We met Joy and Lady, but Andrea still likes Mike the Tiger better.


My science girls loved the science building, including the fountain.


We stopped to take pictures in this field of bluebonnets when a train came around the corner.  I like the way it turned out.


I love my girls.

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